On the topic of harassment. [EDITED]

At first i was hopeful that tower unite would do good.
Then as everyone that was a good person, people that made gmod tower worth playing, left because of the influx of new players that made gmod tower a Internet troll’s paradise. I was still hopeful though, i thought maybe the community would be fixed after tower unite is done being worked on. Clearly i was wrong.


When i saw this i immediately knew that not only was gmod tower dead, but i’m pretty sure also tower unite will be given bad reviews, and then forgotten. If nobody will fix the community, whether it be the developers or the community itself, i doubt that tower unite will ever be what we imagine it to be. But hey, if you don’t agree with me, i guess just find out for yourselves.

Edit: Do not regard my post above. It is badly worded. The truth is was worried that with tower unite being up to the players to moderate, that harassment of all kind would flourish. I mostly thought this because of my friends past experiences on GMT as of late. I realized thanks to @DrDoctor that the server system of tower unite will most likely eradicate these problems, its just up to the players to make good servers, and hire good staff. I’m sorry i freaked out, now i get it. Thank you all.

As I said before, fixing the community is now YOUR problem.

If you want to fix the community, you run servers, you make your own rules, you moderate your little part of Tower Unite.

The whole point now is that there isn’t this CENTRAL government to the player base.

I never personally felt the random community of GMT was that important PERSONALLY, I played with friends.

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Not everyone who knows and is hyped about Tower Unite right now is someone who has played GMTower before. Some people came completely new because they saw the greenlight page on the front page. So the community does not immediately have to be horrible just because GMT’s is.

Also many of the regular GMT players are those kids that don’t even have their own money yet, and so they complain that the game is not gonna be free. It should take a while for them to get their parents to buy them the game. In the meantime, things will be chill.

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I’m sure the $15 paywall will weed off some of the trolls who do not want to pay to troll people.

stop always whining tanooki, >_<


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Am I really the only person who hasn’t had a bad experience on GMT in recent times?

I really haven’t. For me, GMT is just as fun as always. If anything, I’ve met some really cool people recently in GMT; people who are stupid like me and enjoy screaming when they barely miss the HIO on Minigolf.

But let’s talk about this. Specifically, this part:

This makes absolutely zero sense. Is any community for any game sunshine and rainbows? Hell no. Go to /r/fallout and No Mutants Allowed and tell them both how much you like Fallout 3 and hate Fallout: New Vegas. In fact, one of my most-played games, CS:GO, has the most toxic community I’ve ever joined in any game, ever. Did it get bad reviews? Yes, exactly 69,476. You know how many GOOD reviews it got, though? 962,899. That’s over 13 good reviews for every one bad review. See what I’m getting at? People enjoy CS:GO because they play it with their friends, join community servers, or just enjoy the gameplay itself, and that’s what matters: If your game is good, no troll can change that.

This post is 100% fearmongering and completely ignores how toxic other games are but are sold more, played more, and enjoyed more, than bad games with good communities. Tower Unite keeps the winning formula of GMT by being fun with no strings attached.


I get what you are saying. I will admit that i over exaggerated in my post above, honestly, i’m just really worried for the future of my friends. I see my friend get harassed everytime she goes on GMT, and i just want the best for her. I’m gonna probably try to make a server once early acsess comes out, but i’m worried none of my friends will come on due to past experiences with GMT. When i make these posts, its out of anger due to not having fun with my friends in a while. I’m sorry i keep on complaining, but i just am really worried about my friends future on here. My philosophy is, GMT/Tower Unite is nothing but games without friends. I hope you all can see where i’m coming from.

This really needs to be appended to your OP. It really clears up the point you’re trying to make.

First off, yes, women being harassed online is a problem. Not to toot my own horn, here, but I admin for a community called Edgegamers Organization. We recently had to instill strict policies against sexism. One of the perks of hosting private servers, which Unite will allows us to do, means that the trolls that decide to flame can be banned by more active admins.

Another possible solution is allowing members of the community to apply for adminship on the main Pixeltail server, which I have no doubt will be the most popular. This means more active admins so the troll problem can be nipped in the bud.

However, I sincerely doubt that trolls and flamers will kill Tower Unite. Unlike GMT, which is one server, Tower Unite will have a whole hatful of servers run by all sorts of people.

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Harassment is a problem and that’s true. We’re speaking about a internet of things where people with any ideology, ethical direction and so can come online and do whatever they want, which has been the case with GMT recently.

Although I understand your fear towards the future of Tower where the community is not controlled by a specific entity, Pixeltail can’t really force specific rules on all the servers because they can’t lock of a player who spent their money on a game just because they decided to be trollish. Killing Floor 2 developers tried doing this in their EULA and we’re received with backslash.

That being said, the best option was really the one they took. They have specific servers where the rules are enforced by their administrators. That being said, there can be servers where trollish people can do whatever they want and others who most likely will have a more specific set of rules to comfort anyone. It’s really the best option.

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CSGO has one of the most toxic communities I’ve ever seen and people love it for whatever reason, so I think Tower Unite will be just fine. :+1:

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“i will fuck your mom look at my sick ass kill i have a uber rare knife :knife: which costed me more than the actual game look at my troll face steam icon i have my clan name in steam profile and wear turtle beach my razor keyboard and gamer gear makes me a force on the battlefield my mouse 6 button is my lenny bind that i spam when i get a kill with my AWP”

Its still fun though. Hopefully Tower Unite gets a Catsack Skin System given in crates.

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