On the topic of fishing items


I’m looking at the item manifest and you can see lots of different fish
(this is the item manifest if you wish to view it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16w6pd6VOuY5ptfdyd4e5a1DHXejgzeBVEPaOL3kIVEg)
i’m glad they aren’t all just various tropical fish (obviously they’re named that on the manifest but they do have actual names i imagine
but it’s nice to see they aren’t all just fish and there’s other stuff like crabs, jellyfish, coral and urchin, would like to see shrimp possibly as well :^)
(and the elusive “Screamy Boy”)
I think i’ll be excited for fishing, however i’m probably more excited for achievements milestones and the other lot

really all i was just wanting to say was i’m glad it’s not just fish, and there’s other aquatic life as well.


Screamy boy is a good name


Devs please never change the name of this Loud Boy


image image



+1 for shrimp petition. Especially if I can get some shrimp in a fish tank!


10 Nuke Buttons at once will be great.