On the recent Mars news

Since running water has been confirmed to be present on the surface, are the chances of finding life (bacteria, algae, fossils of either one) any better or is there more needed to sustain basic life?

Apart from that, what are everyone’s thoughts on this? Just curious.

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I think it creates a better possibility for life as WE know it, but it doesn’t automatically mean that life exists there now.

They haven’t yet found actually flowing water yet. It’s just a theory right now based on formation in the soil that seems to point towards the formations being created by flowing water.

It’s actually been confirmed.

The orbiter analyzed the chemistry of weird dark streaks that have been known to appear and disappear seasonally on the Martian surface. The analysis confirms that these streaks are formed by briny — or salty — water flowing downhill on Mars.

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Source? Not saying you’re lying but as far as I can see, the latest article on NASA’s site says otherwise. They specifically use the wording “appears to confirm”, meaning it seems like it but they don’t know for sure. Which is what I said.

I don’t want to jump on the fact train either, but I will say, all I’ve seen has been that they have only observed the aftermath of the water. They haven’t directly witnessed it.

It was just in another article I read, I suppose it mightn’t be true.