Omega's Condo thread [Picture Heavy]

I made a neat little lounge and dining section on my patio.
It’s based off a picture I found during a condo discussion on Discord


Hope you like it! Now to work on the indoors…


heey, thats pretty good!

That patios patio could sure use a patio.


Looks awesome!

That’s pretty nice!

How many credits did that cost?
Or is it real?

I’ve been playing too many video games I’m starting to lose the ability to tell what’s real and what’s a video game

You sure it’s not because video games are starting to become reality?

Yo Dawg I heard you like patios, so we put patios in patios so you can sit on a patio while you’re sitting in a patio.

Ok, showing myself out now for terrible memes

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It cost about 23-30k units

I’m back for another update to my condo!
This one covers my living room recreation, Study room, Dining area, Progress on my mancave, and some patio updates, so strap in!

Getting in the season, the flamingo has been replaced by a grave, and a pot has been added near the fireplace

A bar has been added to the patio, as someone suggested on Discord.

Replaced the outdoor chairs with cafe chairs as they are taller

Quick picture before we head inside

Seem familiar? I remade the living room from the promo pictures using what currently is added (Some items like the wooden piano, camera, and White Vase aren’t in the game, and the metal detector isn’t placeable and I don’t have a pile of gold.

Trophies are put nice and snug here.

Here’s the progress on the study room, it has a library, TV, Piano, and more planned to come.

Dining table

We also have projection lights over the pool

Now, I need your help choosing which floor should be in my Mancave!
The next 3 images will be corresponding to a poll you can vote on.

Floor One

Floor Two

Floor Three

Cone section will be home to a pool table once that is added, and on the side of that will be posters and gaming stuff.


Hope you enjoy this installation, and can’t wait to hear feedback!