Old World Blues (Recreated Suite)

So when I heard about the original tower was gonna shut down I decided to take a bunch of pics of how I had gotten everything in the suite exactly how I wanted it, and since the recent suite update, I’ve decided to pick up right were I left off.

I also put up pictures in each room to show how it’s exactly the same as it was.

Couple of improvements here and there, like my entrance with a couple of GMT2 textures

And my GMT1 memorial with a pic of my old character model, and a good pic of Mac

Not everything is 1 to 1, but I’m pretty pleased with it. Still need corner jewelry drawers for the bathroom and a houseplant, but so far so good. What do y’all think?


Nice recreation. Nice touch adding those canvases with the original Suite screenshots on them.

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That’s cool, been thinking of doing that too. Although that is unlikely.


This is really neat and really cool on how you did it, good job!
I might try it out myself.

It’s good to see you were able to recreate your old GMT condo. I’m surprised to see it looks very similar due to most of the props on TU not being exact replicas of the old ones.