[Old] PixelTail Forums Unofficial Not-So-Secret Santa

Since it’s time for the holidays and all, I think it’d be nice to have some sort of gift exchange with the forum members via Steam gifts/games. The question is: would anyone be interested?

  • Yes
  • Yes, but I’m broke and have no money.
  • No

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If so, what should the maximum amount to spend be?

  • $5 (or equivalent in other currencies)
  • $10 (or equivalent in other currencies)
  • $15 (or equivalent in other currencies)
  • $20 (or equivalent in other currencies)
  • No limit, spend as much as you want.

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Should there be a minimum amount? I’d personally prefer not to have one though.

  • No, it’s the thought that counts.
  • $5, it’s the least amount needed for a decent game.
  • $10, I want to get a quality game from this.

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Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions.
If this gets traction and mods are okay with this, I’ll probably add some more details and stick in a sign-up link via Google Forms or something.

Im down for this

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I think it’d be fun, Not 100% Sure if i’d participate just yet though

It would be cool, but what happens if a ton of people sign up and hardly any gifts are given?

That’s an issue I have immediately thought about, which is why I would not really be interested in something like this. It’s just difficult to make it work flawlessly, but otherwise it’s a great thing.





This is a cool idea and I would definitely want to participate but I have no money, so the best I could do would be like some Trading Cards or Inventory Items.