Old Pictures from GMTower

Here are some old pictures and descriptions from the old days. :slight_smile:

Obama’s Secret HQ.

Ognik’s love bed <3

Dead ghost in a ball :<

Strategically placed chair

Pic of STEELBANE doing nothing

When people would try to ragdoll into the trash at spawn

My friend and I getting drunk in his apartment… Decided to place a chair for whenever we threw up;)

Sucking off MaxofS2D when he visited the tower.


I remember trying to ragdoll into the trash can. I have a lot of pics of me and a friend in the trash saved.

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Mistaria Kawaii Spider Desu

Mistaria Kawaii Dino Desu?

Okay this is getting a little out of hand

Male_07 Squad

Mac massacring a children’s store…


Sadly I don’t have any of the screenshots from my Lobby 1 days anymore.
The only remaining one I have is this…

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I used to have maybe a thousand screenshots but I lost almost all of them. I only got those left because I posted on facebook.

People being nice to me

Someone spooky watching me while I was drunk

This one?

ffs I had so many good ones

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Here are my screenshots…

yup i don’t have any of them.
I didn’t played…

i have like 2000 screenshots
you can check my steam account for them since this thread would be FULL

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Here’s my oldest quite pointless screenshot of GMT, dating all the way back to August 2012
you can see the beautiful lighting in the lobby which I always missed after this lobby version was never used

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Holy cow, I never thought seeing a missing texture would bring back a wave of nostalgia. I miss that lobby.


Also the ~meow after every sentence if you wore the cat ears

I see Alolan Exeggutor was in developement for a long time

Just few from what i have.


After looking through my old screenshots, I dug up some old GMT photos

This was my usual appearance on the server
also I was really bad with money

I alsways hung out with this guy named King Hemi
I’m not sure where he is nowadays, but he had a really cool condo

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I feel like I remember seeing you around niftyrobo…


I’m afraid I don’t recognize your name. Perhaps we have met, though

i think i saw nifty around too, not sure

I’ve got quite a few, so be warned. Also, pretty much all pictures were taken on an older computer with a much more square resolution.

Remember when you could suicide to get past the invisible barriers? Good times…

Caught sight of Mitterdoo here. Looks like he’s had a bit too much to drink…

I don’t remember taking this, but I guess I rekt myself pretty hard…

My classic appearance: Link with a Top Hat and Keaton Mask.

Looks like the error trap is working as intended.

Having separate levels made sense back in the Source days, but there was always stuff like this…

BRB gettin’ spooked.

I managed to catch a bit of the Bone Zone live. It was certainly something.

I saw someone enter the secret button room once. That’s how I found it.

Never stop swimming, little dopefish…

A good overview of my condo. Eventually I made a tour video which better showcased the whole thing.

If you want a more general look at Lobby 2, my old GMod Tower: Your First Visit guide had plenty of pictures. I think I have more pictures, but they’re trapped on another computer at the moment (if they still exist at all). I might have to go dig them out when I can access them again…

Sadly couldn’t recover more from the old lobby.