Oh hi there, BlameTheCows at your service

Hello there everyone :smile: You might of seem me floating around these forums already but I never made an official introduction. I am BlameTheCows, 21 years old and from London-England. I have a kind of active youtube account and I used to livestream on Twitch as well. Used to have a small following which I eventually hope to gather back. I’m into a lot of games, mainly survival RPGs though. Work my ass off full time in a kitchen which is driving me insane, can’t wait to be able to come home and relax on Tower Unite with the other chill people that are in this community. Was a big fan of GMTower a couple years back, made some good friends on there.

I’m going to be keeping seriously up to date on this game, checking the forums and browsing through the Trello on a day to day basis. I want to help this game in any way I can through feedback and helping people with any questions they might have on here.

I’ll be making update/change-log videos on my youtube whenever there’s major updates to the game. They won’t be crappy unedited talks about changes either…I try to make the best quality videos I can.

If anyone wants someone to play with on this game then feel free to add me on Steam. Pretty sure I’m the only BlameTheCows on there. Just don’t be 12 years old with a really high pitched voice. SORRY :wink:

But yeah to sum me up, feel free to talk to me. Ask me anything. Steal my wallet. Stroke my dog. You get the idea…

(There’s never anything in my wallet and I don’t have a dog, sorry)

Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums!

Thank you, good sir :blush:

Welcome! :heart:

Welcome to the clubhouse! :yellow_heart:

Welcome to the forums, @BlameTheCows!

Welcome to the pixeltail forums @BlameTheCows. Enjoy your stay :smile:

Welcome aboard! :ship:

Thank you everyone! :relaxed: