Offline steam

The day before yesterday and today I have the same problem. Every fu***** time I load TU, it says steam is offline. Before you say, I have

  • Reloaded PC
  • Reloaded Steam
  • Turned off firewall
  • Checked I wasn’t using any VPNs
  • Ran Steam AND TU in administrator
  • Checked I wasn’t running any other instances of Tower

Well, that’s it. Any other options?

Did you try rebooting/resetting your router?

Yes unfortunately didn’t work

The only other thing I can think about is verifying your game files making sure they’re up to date. I’ve had it in the past where a game just needs verifying to make sure all the online files are correct. Give it a try but if not, I have no idea.

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Have you tried using overlay in game, then clicking on the friends tab where it says sign in? Or are you already signed in?

already signed in :confused:

Ok i’ll try that Stevie. Keep up the great videos BTW

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Thanks a lot. Did that work?

No :confused: