Official TU Art

I was looking for a large image of tower, one including a logo similar to the one up here on the forums, or on the steam page. I can’t find anything of significant size, largest being on the patreon page, but I’m lookin full size. So, I’m not really sure if any existed? I was going to compile a large image from my own screenshots, but was wondering if something more official existed first cuz it’ll probably(definitely) look a lot better.

I should also probably make sure that images of this game are OK to use in other games. For instance, I play a jigsaw puzzle game a lot, and want to use this image for that reason. Not selling it or anything, I’m just doing puzzles of games I love.

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Not sure how this compares to the one you’re talking about from Patreon, but this is the one in the press kit–

If you want a clearer version of the text, the font is Outage, with the W, E, and N being the alternate, upper-case versions.

That’s just the logo, I’m looking for an actual image. Like I mentioned something like the steam store page:

or even the patreon header:

I really like the steam one as a puzzle image, it’s very colorful and busy, just small.

Not quite sure how big you’re looking for but here’s another image from the presskit:

icon.png (1024×768) (

Much appreciated for the help you two, and these are some things that I can maybe make something out of. I was looking for an image as big as possible, and way more “busy”. Really that steam store page image is ideal, and would make a fantastic puzzle if it was bigger. But looks like I’m out of luck and will have to make something myself eventually. I don’t mind doing it but I need to take better screenshots, and there will be holiday themed plazas for the next few months so I’ll wait til spring I guess :person_shrugging:

I may have some you could utilize but lemme run thru my screencaps

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Just in case anyone was curious I took a screenshot of the image collage on the main website and used the logo to fit on top. It’s actually not bad, should be a fun one, might not look as good hanging on the wall as others tho since it’s THAT busy of an image. we’ll see! (i like how you can see the ^ _ ^ eyes on one of the pieces)


and it’s done. It was a lot of fun like I thought, very colorful game with tons of activities makes a great puzzle. Looks so cool hanging up on the wall! Long term project will have to be doing one with all the additional game modes in place of duplicates. Sorry to derail the thread just very happy with this. I’ll still keep an eye out for anything more official that looks better than what I threw together in 2 minutes.


What game is this anyway? I love doing puzzles and the idea of being able to play custom jigsaws is really interesting.

Jigsaw Puzzle Dreams, I highly recommend. If you upload more tower unite art I would be super happy. Another long term goal for me is making a condo in that game based on Tower’s color scheme, and hang specifically TU themed puzzles on the walls. I think it would look pretty. and cool. and pretty cool.

Oh, nice. Base game is free too. Interesting.

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This seems really cool. I might actually check this game out because of you.


That makes me so happy, there’s more puzzling fans out there hell yeah :metal:
It is a very solid game, closest to doing puzzles in real life. You only one dlc to upload unlimited custom puzzles, but even free users can play multiplayer on other people’s custom puzzles.
I recently did a 10,000 piece Smash Ultimate puzzle. The image I used was amazing and huge (15k x 2.7k) and the quality was fantastic. Took me 185 hours, and the finished puzzle takes up an entire wall, but it was the best puzzle I’ve ever done.
I also did see someone posted a catsack puzzle on the game’s screenshots, but it’s not on the public workshop yet.


I just noticed the homestar runner one omg what a throwback

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