Official Server Population

Do you think people will start congregating on the official servers when they’re working?

Cuz at the moment its kinda sad seeing everyone spread out over all these servers :confused:

also hopefully they can pin the official servers to the top of the list in the future


I think the only reason the Official Server isn’t overflowing is that not everyone can connect to them. I for one can’t connect and that’s the only reason I don’t play on the Official Server.

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Same here. Cant connect to it.

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I think it’s a question of practice. I personally don’t feel like going to the official servers that much, especially when I got closer servers to my region (which I’m also a super cool admin of).

The fact that there are multiple servers allows for a better influx of players, as we we’re able to see by yesterday’s launch. Although everyone is spread, this also mean stronger and more united communities can exist in Tower Unite, and even, so people are always connected in places like the forums or in the discord.

Just don’t overthink it and you will see is as good as the good old days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ll not bother with official servers if there isn’t an EU one.
For the time being, I’ll be spending my time on @DominateEye’s North East England server.

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@PoliteWhale is right. The community doesn’t have to all play on 1 or 2 servers to make it a good community. With the forums and discord server we can have a big community, which is then split into smaller per server communities.

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I hope you guys are right, i guess i’m just worried it’ll end up a ghost town cuz so many people are spread out. That’s all, just concerned.

I find it sad that tower unite is supposed to be a place to meet friends and make new ones but everyone is spread out across 20 servers. I really think there should be an official EU server and they should be on the home page or pinned on top of the list.

Last night I was playing on Official Server 1 with 90+ people on it, it felt like the old tower, well actually way more populated then the tower used to be :slight_smile: so if that keeps up then it’s all good

Yeah I was just on official 2 with 50+ players, it felt so good. Other than the jetpack being really jumpy I actually didn’t notice a latency even though I’m in the EU.