Official European Server?

I think the title say everything. I love GmodTower but as an European player it’s not that great. Having all the time +100 ping isn’t an easy thing but I always try to have the more fun I can. It’s okey because GmodTower is free but what about Tower Unite ?

I already put 30$ in the indiegogo campaign but… if it’s for having once again a bad ping I think I’m going to cancel it. Can someone help me with that ? :smiley:

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If a European server is to be launched it would most likely be run by a player in Europe. Someone recently asked the same thing about an Australian server. If they do decide to launch an official server in Europe it would likely be much later on due to funding.

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Yep, you will have to rely on other players in your region to host their own servers for the time being.
Which is not a bad thing, since the experience is exactly the same.

Didnt PixelTail say that on Player hosted servers you won’t be able to earn Units?

I thought you only didn’t earn Units on Unranked servers? But Ranked servers distribute Units and Ranked servers can be made by anybody. Not just Pixeltail.

Players can host Ranked servers? What’s the point of Unranked servers then?

Unranked is more of a sandbox type mode. Doesn’t distribute Units, but allows for complete customization of the gameplay.

That’s right.
Players can host ranked games and include small things such as custom furniture that only works on the server that is being hosted. (It still takes away your Units from your ranked profile, despite it being server-only content).
Unranked allows for a whole LOT of customization and limitless Units and such.

Until the actual release (If you’re in the alpha) you will probably either have to host it yourself or get used to 50 billion ping

The problem with everything you say to me is… what if No one host ? Not everybody can host stuff and more than that… GmodTOwer is really famous in America but not so much where I’m living so maybe 1 month after the released of the game no one will host something so I will not be able to play the game except if I go again on American server with a shitty ping.

At least with an official server I will be sure to be able to connect ( me and all the others player from Europe ) but if we have to connect on player’s server I don’t think it’s going to work for a long time because you need players for do that.

" You can play with friends ", nope I talk about the game to everybody and they don’t like it at all. And btw public server is where you meet new people where the " social " part of the game is. Yeah I really don’t know what to do now. I’ve bough so many multiplayer games on early acess and in the end after only few weeks I was alone on servers so… yeah.

@Sildring We have no real idea what will happen when people are able to host their own servers, but seeing as this game is very popular on steam greenlight, I am almost 100% positive you will see ranked and unranked European servers.

I’m a community server hoster, I’m going to be hosting EU servers (London and Amsterdam) for Tower once we get the Linux server client. The aim will be to have very fast gaming servers (SSDs) with low pings. If I can afford it I might even roll out a server in Asia and the US.



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If you can Australia please

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You’re awesome ! :smile:

If I can find a good Austrialian Host or if the vendor in question launches a region there I will spin up a server in your area. I know you guys have big problems with gaming servers so this is on my list!

Thanks so much! Look for a hoster with the nbn btw.

I live in Germany, have stable internet (wired). When i search for servers, I get about 30 empty servers, never seen a pixeltail tag… I just want to play with people!!