Off topic support

So i have a problem with something that isn’t to do with tower unite, but i can’t find a solution to my problem anywhere else on the internet. The community here is really helpful so i thought about asking here, but im not sure whever to put my problem in Support or Off Topic. Can anyone help?
Edit: I should also say that it’s to do with recording tower unite, so thats why I chose this place instead of anywhere else

what exactly do you need help with?

Recording literally any game. The audio sounds kind of like static and the games actual sound is quiet compared to the ‘static’. I have tried obs and shadowplay but both have bad sound.

You’re not giving us an awful lot of details here, but I’ll try:

  1. What audio source did you choose in Shadowplay/OBS? If it’s “default” then go into your sound settings and check what your default audio device is.
  2. Do you have mic recording enabled or not?
  3. Is there any software that’s running in the background that could interfere with sound output/recording? (like Nahimic, Spatial audio, Dolby, equalizers etc.)

Oh and also go into your Volume Mixer and check if Shadowplay/OBS are set to full volume, audio recording may show up as a volume slider there and it might be turned down.