Obsidi-what? Obsidiary.... Yea dont ask how thats spelt

Hello Internet!
My name is Obsidiary and I have been playing GMT for a while and I have been loving it. When I first heard about tower unite, I jumped into the first car of that hype train (woo wooo!). I have been on board ever since the kickstarter announced. I have tried to donate as much as possible to TU but with bills and college, well, its been difficult but i manged to give a pretty decent donation. TU is all I talk about with my friends and my SO. There pretty tired of hearing me talk about it. XD I’m on the forum almost everyday looking at posts and trying to find out as much as I can about TU and I cant wait for it! Well, Im going to end this here, Thanks for reading! Heart you!


Welcome Obsidiary :smile:

Welcome to the forums! :horse:

Welcome to the forums @Obsidiary! I hope you have a great time here! Feel free to ask any questions you want, or suggest anything as you please :slight_smile: Again, welcome.

Welcome Obsidi-… Obsandi-… Anyways, welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome @Obsidiary ! Pull up a chair and enjoy your stay! :smile:

Welcome Obsidiary! Am I the only who doesn’t really have problems spelling/pronouncing it? I pronounce it Ob-sie-dee-a-ree. The i in “sie” is dark.

Another Sailor to join the ship, huh? Welcome aboard and enjoy the crew! :wink:

Welcome @Obsidiary!

I’ve definitely seen you lurking, have a welcome from me <3