Objects behind mirror are rendered and occlude 'reflection'

When an object like a canvas cube is placed near the back of the bathroom mirror (not visible from within the room) the render texture of the mirror displays the back of the object in the reflection. The object is not properly culled and is rendered relative to the object, the mirror, and the player’s relative position to the mirror.

Place a canvas cube (any shape or size) behind the mirror in the bathroom of Condo Condo.

Ideally objects that are within the camera frustum but are behind the mirror plane are culled/ not rendered.

With the current implementation reflections can be blocked or appear confusing if the space behind the mirror is occupied with a hidden room that is normally out-of-bounds - or if objects are behind the mirror for any other reason.

Not every object is treated the same; I haven’t tested everything.

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I also just realized that the shower glass exhibits a similar effect.