NPC Interactable Objects

I was wondering if we could get an inanimate NPC object? It would be like the NPC game object, but just not just limited to rigged characters. In other words, have access to all steam workshop objects and maybe even canvas images.

I have models that I’d like people to be able to interact with, but it makes no sense to have them rigged.

A few examples of what it could be used for:

  • Interactive Quest Items

    • Condo owners would be able to leave clues/puzzles for players to follow and solve. It would give people the ability to tell stories through objects and since we have access to the entire steam workshop catalog, that’s a lot of stories to tell.
    • Players could also interact with objects like a broken barrel, footprints, or a trail of blood which could then lead to a custom string of text like "These footprints seem to head towards the basement.
  • Custom text-based items

    • Players could create a device that they could upload jokes or insults to when other players interact with them.

    • Players could place trophies or photos around the place with information about them, similar to a museum.

I think something like this has a lot of potential and would be a great addition to condos.

i believe this is already planned! mac wants to make a “button volume” for condo i/o, which would be an invisible item you can place down that would let players interact with it and output events, for example hooking up a button volume to a light could turn it on and off

you could place a button volume over the workshop item/canvas that you want and have it output to whatever you choose, which i think is what you’re trying to do!

as for the text bit, lots of different text items are planned! specifically, floating text, hud text (which i assume would show up on your hud), and label text that only shows if you’re looking at it . i imagine you could hook all of this up to display custom text!

you can read more about the specific features being added to condo i/o here!


also, in the meantime you can make the NPC item invisible and place it over an item to make a similar effect to examining items

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Ah dope, good idea! Thanks Bud!