Now that's there's people playing

What do you think should be worked on the soonest?

I haven’t donated to either the kickstarter or indiegogo because i’m broke, but from what i’m seeing is since there’s no server browser that, that should be worked on the soonest i think that’s 10 years ago+ problems that should have been up on closed release.

what are your thoughts and what do you think?

I think the server browser should be a top priority. Although I’m not much into game development, so I might be wrong

Well right now, they should be working on whatever they feel is best for us.

Although, I might suggest them working on the “Steamworks” version of the Alpha, which they are already doing, because then you wouldn’t need the server browser TOO MUCH, and you could just join off of people on the forum.

My point is you shouldn’t need to be anywhere but the game when you launch it.


Well really all that needs to happen is make the Input Button work so people can customize their keys for actions…like you with your special Keyboard Format.

Yeah! it’s really difficult because i need to do Alt+Shift for change my keyboard settings and passing on american keyboard! ^^’

Server browser… definitely

More work on the lobby personally. It’s looking great so far and I can’t wait till it has even more content!

Dedicated servers would be nice.

I remember suggesting a piano for the Indiegogo trailer a while back, and they said it would be easy to make.
It didn’t show :’(

IMO Steam integration trumps all in terms of what’s needed. Having to download a 1+ GB File that grows in size with each update sounds. Horrible. Once they get the Alpha on Steam, updates will be much, much better.

I’d like to see more instruments to use. Stuff like drums and piano are cool, but some items you can use anywhere would be nice as well.

Kinda confused why they didnt put in a guitar too since google had the guitar thing

There is no server browser because we do not have a master server list. Hosting one is extremely expensive.

When we get situated on Steam, we’ll be able to use Steamworks to make a server browser easily. It’s something that we already did on the Steamworks SDK, but we couldn’t release that build until we got greenlit.

Settings in general will evolve over time. I know we need VSync, borderless fullscreen, DX10 mode (actually really helps on older hardware, like really helps), input configuration for both keyboard and gamepads, parental controls, and some more that we’ll come up with.

Instruments are something I really want to push in Tower Unite. The piano was a huge success, but we need more instruments. Also sorry @cold_finger, we actually did get the piano done, but it just didn’t make it into the trailer sadly.

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Maybe for the next alpha build you could toss the piano in there? It’s a lot of fun with other people!
Also, does it use the same soundfont as the GMT piano?

Here, because i’m assuming you took from for the piano