nothing this was nosense please stop reading this ok? dude hi em is that 20 words i guess yes.

Except they want to move on from GMOD Tower and expand on to areas they couldn’t reach with source engine. Second If your computer is crashing it might not be able to handle the game.


it sounds like you had some sort of short or surge if it crashes on boot. Was the cooling system working? There’s not many ways software can cause that.


They’ve said before, GMod Tower will not be coming back. And yes, if TU is causing your computer to crash, you should make sure it meets the minimum requirements near the reviews on the Steam page.

it is
i have gsniper1 graphics card an extra edition I play StarWars battlerfront will Ultra graphics and i do not crash or have lag so :stuck_out_tongue: also when i install the game my pc have boot loops

i have it

Lolz sounds like faulty hardware, not the game. Runs buttery smooth for me on TURBO everything and many others so don’t try throwing the “early access” under the bus.


This won’t be happening.

From what you are describing it seems that your computer may have faulty components.


You might need a new computer.

It’s fine for me and at least a thousand other people.

Get a new computer.

If it’s standalone, the devs couldn’t use copyrighted material (which you saw a lot of in GMT) and it would make a pointless, high budget Tower Unite 2.


Y-you do know thats what Tower Unite actually is… right?

Edit: Although, if you mean “standalone” as in a downloadable Garry’s Mod gamemode, then that would be a know. The developers have stated multiple times in the past that they won’t be releasing GMT’s gamemode files.


I don’t mean to be rude… But… I can’t really take this seriously, out of the fact your spelling is awful. You say “plz” and “cuz”. The post is worded very out of place, and it is difficult to under stand half of it. And to top it all off, you have a roblox profile pic… It seems that you are pretty young, and you probably shouldn’t play TU anyways, since it has gambling, and there is still a major problem with porn inside condos, sure, it may have gotten better since the parental controls, but it is still a big issue in TU.

I managed to get over the entire “don’t necro it’s bad!!!” thing, but man, do I find a lot wrong with your reply:

-it’s a necropost on a year old thread
-it doesn’t add anything of value to the discussion
-the only point of it is insulting someone
-in it, you point out OP’s bad english despite him acknowledging it and apologizing for it
-you also assume OP’s age, treat him like a child and tell him, rather insultingly, to not play the game at all

I mean, I don’t agree with OP, but why even reply to such an old thread if all you’re going to say essentially comes down to “you suck go away”?


Sorry, I didn’t mean for it to be so aggressive. But also, I thought it was this September, I am on mobile and it doesn’t show the year, only the months.

Not saying this to nag at you or anything but for future reference:

On mobile (for me anyways) it specifies “Sep '16”; representing September 2016. Either it doesn’t show the same for you or you thought the 16 was the date, but it is there.