Not sure if you'll be able to run Tower Unite? Try this UE4 performance tester


You can’t extract it? Or are you talking about the exe?


I’m talking about the .exe application file.


Okay, I got the test working. I’m getting a solid 60fps in long shots away from particle effects, and around 40fps while rendering the fire and sparks and stuff.


That’s great! I’m getting an average of 55 FPS when near the effects, and 60+ FPS when on the highest details, and this is with an R7 260X with 2GB GDDR5.


I get really good frames on high settings with the performance tester but on the nightly builds i have terrible frames and textures take forever to load.

Are there plans to Optimize the game more before Early Access?


Well, some of the builds aren’t ‘baked’ which means the day/night cycles can be really taxing on your machine. I wouldn’t be surprised if the baked version of the build ran smoothly on your computer. I can almost promise you that Early Access most of the updates will be baked.


Hopefully they will have LOD’s and stuff for even better performance.


The performance tester was just to test against the baseline of “if you can’t run the performance tester, you can’t run tower”

We will be working to optimize the game to get it as close to this baseline as possible.

I might also release an updated build with some heavier content in it to meet tower’s real baseline half way when there’s time to do that.


Hi, decided to give this a try and it starts up and runs just fine, however I am unable to increase or decrease the quality using my Swedish QWERTY keyboard. It tells me to press [ or ] which I don’t have. Is it possible to edit the key bindings?


It should be Alt Gr and then 8 and 9. I’m not sure what Alt Gr is, but I’m sure you know.



I already tried that, without success.


i used the console to change lod. was a work around for me.