Not sure if you'll be able to run Tower Unite? Try this UE4 performance tester


Are you sure you’ve seen a 120hz monitor or better?
There’s a pretty ridiculous difference.

I have two other 60hz monitors. Every time I use them, I feel dirty for subjecting my eyes to such low frame rates.


Dont like how they look with video and other media. But never seen games running on them. 60 and 90 fps is just fine as a first step goal to aim for. As well as an FPS UNLOCKER button so you can use precision x or afterburner to lock your fps to 120 if you can even reach that high running the game and be happy. But for an actual in game option 60 and 90 as fps locks with a third “unlimited” option, would be more than welcome.


I’m assuming you mean videos that are also 120+ fps?
Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a difference between a video running on a high refresh rate monitor and a standard refresh rate monitor.

High framerate videos of real people doing things in front of a camera definitely look weird to me, but games are nice and smooth, whether in video format or through actually playing them.


Colour quality means much more to me, sadly. x3
I’m waiting for a 120 hz monitor with decent picture quality to come out before I make the jump from 60.


I get ya. I guess I have a niche for the more competitive side, but I do wish this monitor supported a wider array of color gradients. It’s very easy to notice the lack of color variety from time to time.


These are my results.

I think it’s time to buy a Steam Machine.



If I recall, aren’t Steam Machines performing worse than PCs or something?


That’s kind of an incomplete statement.
Worse than what kind of PC?

@Joseph_Stardust seems to have a motherboard which uses integrated graphics.

I’m sure most Steam Machines perform better than PCs with integrated graphics chips.


Of equal or similar specs, that is. I believe it was an operating system benchmark comparing SteamOS to Windows.

I doubt this is going to last for an extended period of time, but at the moment, I’m certain you could piece together your own machine for the same price and get more value. Then again, I’ve never been one for pre-built machines.


Sounds like a porting issue, buy a Steam Machine that runs Windows. :slight_smile:

Side-Note, Tower Unite is built on Unreal Engine 4 which let us compile a native Linux build using their toolchain. It also has an OpenGL RHI implementation. So there won’t be any Direct3D emulation overhead when we port to Linux / SteamOS.


I got 62 frames, is this good for the game? will it get worse?


You’ll be fine, most likely.


Optimization (usually) gets better as a game moves on in development.


Mine got locked at 62 frames at max quality. In the Heaven test (floating island place test) with everything maxed out I got 70-80


I made a post some time ago where I mentioned how I was unable to change the quality at the tester due to my default keyboard layout. Now I’ve been wondering, does it even work at all, for anyone? Or is it actually a problem on my side?

Nevermind, I changed my default keyboard layout on windows to English, and it worked.


I just bought a new gaming PC, and I don’t know how to open the .rar file. It says I need a certain program to open .rar files.


Usually to open .rar and .zip files you have to do this
Right click the file and click “extract all”

If that doesn’t work you may need 7zip or winrar. I do believe windows 7 came with 7zip but I can’t be for certain.

Winrar says you have to pay for it but just be cool like the rest of us and don’t.


I’m right-clicking on my .rar files, and I don’t see an extract option. I think I should just get 7zip. Isn’t that free?


I think it is.


Just got it. Now it says the file is read-only.