Not sure if you'll be able to run Tower Unite? Try this UE4 performance tester


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#Perf Builds!

####I’ll be posting these UE4 ‘Perf’ builds occasionally to help the community gauge how well their computers will be able to run Tower Unite.
I’ll update these we utilize more rendering features / add more content.

This first one just runs the UE4 demo content package with some performance output and a quality adjustment setting:
Download it here (308.2mb)
Minimal build for people with slower internet (51.1mb)

If you have questions or concerns about performance, run the application and post a screenshot of your results in this thread.

If the download link breaks for any reason, please tell me so I can fix it.

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@Zak Just curious, will Tower Unite have a console port? Not saying that I actually have a console, i’m just wondering if it’s possible :slight_smile:

What are the estimated system requirements for Max/High video quality?

Is it possible to change the screen resolution of the UE4 performance tester? I feel like increasing the graphical quality (and post FX which I did notice unless my brain is tricking me) was almost enough in terms of getting an idea as to if I can run Tower Unite. However it was a great help as to getting an idea of how it might run. Also, nice choice in file hosting server. The download speed was consistent and worked to the best of its ability using all the bandwidth my parents pay for! Thanks for all the help and info anyway!


###For changing resolutions

Try messing about with the ini config files (saved/config). There should be some graphical settings in one of em. (It’s like, GameUserSettings.ini or somethin).

I’ll have a look tomorrow and post what I find.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna put my phone down now and fall asleep ( been up for 30 hrs ). :stuck_out_tongue:



Waitaminute, just remembered I made that ini file on my machune, so yu prkbm don hve it.

Srrrrry ill fjxc mrbngh


Good night, sweet prince.


This actually runs way better than GMod Tower.


Uh, what about people not using an English keyboard layout? I, for example, have to type boxed brackets by pressing AltGR and 8 or 9 at the same time. I switched to the english one, and saw that I gotta press ü and + on my keyboard, but they don’t do anything. Trying to type the boxed brackets didn’t do anything either.



ResolutionSizeX=800 //put your desired resolution here
ResolutionSizeY=600 //put your desired resolution here
WindowPosX=-1 //I dunno
WindowPosY=-1 //I dunno
bUseDesktopResolutionForFullscreen=False //probably what it says
FullscreenMode=2 //set to 1 if you want fullscreen

Put that in Perf/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/GameUserSettings.ini
for custom resolution-ing

One neat thing I discovered while testing this was that Unreal’s resolution up-scaling is very nice.

I’ll look into the keyboard stuff.


Amazingly that runs on my PC…Vista go figure once again.

I did have it freeze up once and I felt like it had crashed but it recovered…it was laggy at the very start of the program though…so who knows.

Will this laptop run gmod/GMT good?

@Zak I get 20fps on the lowest settings, does this guarantee 20fps in Tower Unite?


So whats the lowest setting in TU that is supported in this tester?


We’re definitely going to try to hit that performance level.
Obviously the full game is gonna have way more things rendering on-screen so I’ll be doing additional perf builds for people to test with.

For the alpha, things are gonna slow down a bit because we haven’t done an optimization pass yet.

We actually have more graphics settings in Tower Unite than we do in this tester now.
So that’s a bit hard to answer.


Fair enough. I’ll see how it runs then I suppose when the alpha keys get sent out.


Solid 60 fps maxed out for me. Seems the engine wanted to crank out way more fps but was being locked at 60. Perhaps lock it at 90 for the final release? Its not even a question of IF my pc can run tower unite, it can. Id just like the options for those of us with high end PC’s to be there. Dont just aim low, remember there are people playing tower who run top tier rigs as well, and going to UE4 will provide lots of opportunity for visual goodness.


Not even 90. Minimum cap of 144 FPS. I don’t even think a cap is really necessary. Should be an option for people who would want one though.


i just run all my games locked to 90 so screen tearing is minimal and my gpu doesnt have to work itself to death spamming over 1 thousand frames a second or the like XD.


I have a monitor with a 144hz refresh rate. gotta have dem frames.


I really can’t see a visual difference from 60hz + , but, nvm :slight_smile: