Not gaining units at all due to transaction in progress


I just started playing again recently and last night tried to buy some silver catsacks. I ran into the “transaction in progress” thing and didn’t think much of it. I asked people what was the deal with it and was told sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. So I kept reloading the plaza and trying to buy them after maybe five or so attempts I just gave up.

Shortly after my Units were spent and I had the catsacks I bought but, now I don’t gain Units from anything with the exception of the casino. No games give me Units, I can’t even sell furniture for Units.

I can spend my Units in tower express but I run into the same “transaction in progress” in the plaza.

Edit: This is just regarding the bugged units, not the transaction in progress thing.


Last night we had some issues with Steam services when they went into maintenance for a couple hours which impacted our game. We believe it’s working now, but we’re monitoring the situation still. In we hope to improve this issue and reduce the problem.

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Hey sorry I just got a chance to test it out. Unfortunately I’m still broken, I played a full game of ball race and ZM, no points at all from either games. Same thing with my furniture still, can’t sell it.

Edit: It seems to not be completely broken now, but it’s still really buggy. Most of the time I’m not getting units, and the units I am getting are delayed and random. I played a ball race and got units for 3 or so levels, none from the rest.

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