Not exactly sure where to ask this but

Hello. I’m not exactly sure where to ask this, or if it’s even a thing that could be done but, is it possible to transfer Gmod Tower data from the account i played it on? I purchased tower unite on my other account and have proof that the other account is mine, as I can log into it without any issues. I would really like to transfer my items from that account, but didn’t realize they could be transferred until I purchased tower unite :frowning:… I see other people with the plates & such and it makes me sad to think I cant get them due to the account issue. Please help - if anyone reads this!! :innocent:

There are multiple threads asking the same question.
Read those first.

Also, no you can’t.

There is not an option to exchange GMT data between different steam accounts, and there never will be. Sorry.

We do not allow the transfer of GMT Items from one Steam Account, to a Tower Unite installation on a different Steam Account.