Not Allowed to Put Wearables in Wearable Hot bar

Hi Tower Unite,

I’m not able to put my wearables in my wearable hot bar and instead have to put my wearables in my weapon hot bar. I want to fix this issue as I have downloaded tower unite on multiple computers and have not resolved the problem. My account has been like this for years, and this is my first time coming to this forum to resolve the problem.

Thank you.
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With the game closed, disable Steam cloud, then delete:

Steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower\ClientPlayerData2

Relaunch the game, and it should be fixed, although it’ll clear your appearance/hotbar settings. If it’s fixed, you can re-enable Steam cloud.


This is awesome thank you so much it fixed it!

Haha I’ve been living too long without the wearables hot bar, thank you.