Non-TU Suggestion: TU Soundtrack Music Kit in CSGO?

This isn’t an idea for TU necessarily but I thought it would be a cool little suggestion. I like the TU soundtrack, and I play CSGO. CSGO has Music Kits that change the music of the game up, and these music kits can be traded and sold on the community market. Is it a possibility that, maybe once everything’s settled, the soundtrack might make it onto a music kit?


I’m assuming it’d work somewhat like a sound pack? If so, I Think it’s a neat idea

I’m sure “No microtransactions” applies to other games as well. The less in the world the better.


I think their point behind ‘no microtransactions’ is that they don’t want TU to become pay-to-win. CSGO music kits are far from that. But still, I mean, sure?

do you really think Valve would add such thing?

It’s not only the matter of making a pack. Valve has to approve it as well. Or can you install “unofficial” packs?


This would act as an Microtransaction in a game full of them. CSGO Music Kits are items that can be purchased through the game via Music Kit Offers or via the Steam Market. They’re cool to have, though not many of them are worth the price of admission. I could totally see the Tower Unite Music Kit sounding awesome, maybe add in Planet Panic as the Bomb Planted track, Virus Track could be for the 10 seconds left in a bomb or round.

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I can’t see how the TU music would fit a game like CSGO, sounds like a weird combination.

There are several kits in CSGO that are completely odd. I think it would be a nice quirky addition. :smile:

There are music kits for games like Hotline Miami, so it’s not a problem of actually getting in the game, or the music actually fitting. This would just be an external source of income for Pixeltail, because it’s not like you have to buy it to get any sort of advantage in Tower Unite.