Non-genuine suggestions

Excuse me if any of these are already implemented.
Anyway, being non-legitimate, such as hacking or cheating a game, really makes me paranoid for some weird reason.
So, I thought, maybe I could help by suggesting a few suggestions.

  1. Items that were bought not legitimately have some kind of icon or sign to tell so.
  2. Maybe, some how, notify the player that the condo that your in has non legit items. Sorry for being to quirky with this one. Toggable.
  3. If other players have the permission to place future, make an option to
    to not allow for non legit items to be placed.

Again, for some reason, I can get really paranoid if some is no longer legit.

Maybe nongen items could have a pink-tinted background in the inventory slot. For some reason, pink comes to mind.

There is already gonna be a genuine meter for anyone’s condo, to see the percentage of genuine stuff in it. You can also right click and inspect any item to see if it’s genuine or not.

1 and 2 are already planned features. Not sure about 3.






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