No Server for Plaza

Whenever I go to connect to a plaza server, nothing comes up and nothing ever has. If anyone knows how to help, that would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

Is the build number 0?

I’m having this problem as well. It started a couple of times when I was trying to join the lobby from my condo, and now it won’t show up at all. Build number is displaying correctly.

I get it once in a while but it goes away when I restart the game. It hasn’t persisted for a long time.

This often happens as a result of your firewall blocking the necessary ports to communicate with the server browser, so make sure the game process is fully whitelisted. You may also want to check so the necessary Steam ports are open.

One quick way to test this would be to disable your Windows firewall entirely while going to the server browser, or check if there is a DMZ mode for your router. Activating DMZ can be a security risk so do it only for a short period of time.