No Alpha key?

Hello tower unite.

i didn’t recieve any steam alpha key? although i reieved the backer panel access ? i’ve donated 30$ so i don’t understand why i haven’t recieved it.

You should’ve gotten an email containing a passcode you need to use with your email on the backer app page.

Your Backer RewardsYou aren’t eligibile for our alpha program, but you have digital rewards on record.

digital rewards will be given to you once we release on Steam Early
Access (mid 2016). In the future, they will be visible through this web
panel - so don’t lose this!

Stay tuned and follow us on our Twitter for further announcements.

Which backer reward do you have?

that to 30$

Odd. @macdguy will have to check your email in the database as I don’t have access to that.

You probably did the same thing as another guy and didn’t choose a perk when backing. I know @macdguy fixed the other guy’s problem, so he should be able to help you with this

Check your messages. I fixed it for you.