Nightyard & Night Shift Update (

General Changes

  • New Zombie Massacre map: Nightyard
  • Virus: Hospital polishing update (updated lighting and updated old textures)
  • Virus: Overtime polishing update (updated lighting, updated visuals, and exterior art)
  • Removed hands from view models in Lobby/Condo, so it doesn’t matter what player model you are using. Also adjusted placement of various weapons and fixed up some animations
  • You can now use vehicles in the arcade again
  • Added name tag offset setting for NPCs
  • Added Invisible Wall condo material
  • Vehicle horn sounds are now part of the noise maker volume setting
  • Added discord, polls, and bug report buttons to the main menu
  • Updated community links
  • Menu clean up, news is more part of the menu UI now
  • Maps that were just updated now sort at the top by default, instead of when they were originally added to the game
  • Added map updated tag when a map was just recently updated, also added when a map was last updated in the description panel
  • Bug Bytes: Adjusted bug colors for colorblind purposes
  • You can now bind more actions with mouse inputs such as mouse clicks or mouse wheel. For example, if you need to bind move forward to mouse click, you now can do that

Little Crusaders Changes

  • Little Crusaders: Widened bite radius, reduced bite length for Dragon
  • Little Crusaders: Increased air strafe speed for Dragon
  • Little Crusaders: Decreased gravity for Dragon (giving Knights a better chance to avoid becoming pancakes)
  • Little Crusaders: Reduced knight movement speed a bit

Zombie Massacre Changes

  • Zombie Massacre: Made the pumpkin head zombies more noticable
  • Zombie Massacre: Crossbow fire delay is now 0.3 seconds (was 1 second)
  • Zombie Massacre: Bolt Action Rifle fire delay is now 0.35 seconds (was 0.55 seconds)
  • Zombie Massacre: RPG is now a Homing RPG
  • Zombie Massacre: Adjusted flashlight color and brightness. Also added a spot light above players so you can find yourself easier in dark maps
  • Zombie Massacre: Added chat messages when players upgrade their stats

Virus Changes

  • Virus: Removed hands from view models to give it a retro feel and keep it so it doesn’t matter what player model you are using
  • Virus: Adjusted view model positions and scales across all weapons, keeping it consistent (TNT and adrenaline are also much larger for better visibility)
  • Virus: Added crossbow weapon (random chance that swaps with TNT slot). Crossbow is a sniper-based weapon with high/deadly damage, but low clip size and slow reload
  • Virus: Greatly improved flashlight. No longer does the flashlight draw on weapons & added a texture to the flashlight
  • Virus: Added geiger counter warning sounds when infected are near you
  • Virus: Added view bob and view turning
  • Virus: Added view bob setting to Game/HUD settings

Ball Races Changes

  • Ball Race: Added level leaderboards on HUD that displays the top 10 times (and your best time) for the level you are currently playing. This is default off and the setting is under Game/HUD settings as “Display Level Leaderboard on HUD”

Minigolf Changes

  • Minigolf now has floating text chat

General Bug Fixes

  • Plaza optimizations
  • Potential crash fix for Workshop NPCs
  • Fix for workshop model downloads being halted for static mesh workshop models
  • Workshop memory now clears when you clear workshop cache, resolving a bug that causes workshop models to be extremely large after clearing workshop cache
  • Fixed being unable to bind mouse inputs to certain inputs such as move forward, etc.
  • Fixed being unable to bind mouse input buttons such as right click when pressing the rebind feature
  • Fixed being unable to bind mouse wheel inputs
  • Fixed player horizontal head rotations not occurring while the player is in a seat. Now you can see full player head movement while players are in seats!
  • Fixed spectating camera in Plaza and Virus clipping with ragdoll
  • Spectating camera now has smooth movement when zooming in
  • Fixed spectating camera in Minigolf resetting rotation when switching between players
  • Fixed spectator/ragdoll camera not having underwater support
  • Fixed minigame event teleporters not showing the correct name of the active event
  • Fixed the moon warping
  • Fixed vehicles scaling with potions

Virus Fixes

  • Virus: Fixed waiting for players camera showing other players
  • Virus: Fixed Plasma Autorifle not playing its fire sound on first fire
  • Virus: Fixed reloading animations still playing after reloading, switching to a weapon, and back again to the weapon that was just reloaded

Minigolf Fixes

  • Minigolf - Kingdom: Fixed a collision issue that would sometimes cause players to fall out of the map
  • Minigolf - Forest: Fixed balls getting stuck on the edge of holes
  • Minigolf - Forest: Balls will no longer get stuck when next to the spinning circle part of hole 18
  • Minigolf - Forest: Balls will no longer get stuck on the piece that moves back and forth on hole 18
  • Minigolf - Forest: Balls should no longer be incorrectly marked as a water hazard despite being on the course in hole 5
  • Minigolf - Cove: Balls will no longer get stuck on the triangles at the beginning of hole 17
  • Minigolf - Cove: Balls, if landed on the large white dividers at the beginning of hole 13, should no longer get stuck.
  • Minigolf - Alpine: Balls should no longer be incorrectly marked as out of bounds when hitting a sidewall on course 4
  • Minigolf - Altitude: Fixed issue where you’d fail to get into the hole on Hole 1
  • Minigolf - Altitude: (Hopefully) Fixed weird issue where you went out of bounds near the end of Hole 18
  • Minigolf: Fixed spectating camera in Minigolf not clipping with the world

Little Crusader Fixes

  • Throne Room fixes
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed Knight taunt camera not adhering to mouse invert settings

Ball Race Fixes

  • Ball Race: Fixed mega melon pickups being reset to single melons when the level gets started/reset, fixing issues with melon achievements not awarding the proper values upon melon pickup

Zombie Massacre Fixes

  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed zombies falling through floors in Village
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed melee range indicator sometimes not displaying
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed weapons on back not attaching to players’ backs properly
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed spawn effect sticking around
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed camera falling through floor after being killed if you are a zombie player
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed ghosts not awarding points
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed “I’ve Covered Wars” achievement not incrementing for players who aren’t the host

Plaza Fixes

  • Arcade: Improved Little Birde Feeders ball return system by disabling ball physics - fixing issues where the balls would fall out of the return slot
  • Arcade: Fixed Little Birde Feeders LED attract animations not ending properly during gameplay
  • Arcade: Salmon Says leaderboard now uploads the number of repeats the player reached, instead of their ticket earn amount
  • Arcade: Fixed Bug Bytes hammer going to the center if you look in the top right/left corners
  • Arcade: Possible Whack-a-mole game not starting fix
  • Arcade: Fixed Bug Bytes achievements overlapping with Whack-a-mole ones
  • Arcade: Fixed Bug Bytes setting Avalanche score due to a typo
  • Arcade: Meteoroid Mania fixed meteoroid being flamed up when not dropped
  • Arcade: Whirl-a-Fish now ends sooner, when all the balls available have been scored
  • Laser Tag: Fixed an exploit
  • Laser Tag: Fixed player colors disappearing after being tagged out
  • Plaza: Fixed theater ticker material being missing
  • Plaza: Fixed theater ticker not updating
  • Plaza: Fixed theater now playing thumbnail not updating
  • Fixed some Plaza weapons doing effects/being usable in weapon not allowed areas

Item/Condo/Wearable Fixes

  • Condo Items: Fixed piano top keys not highlighting properly
  • Condo Items: Fixed Ram plushy not spawning properly
  • Condo Items: Fixed ship wheel not be spinnable
  • Condo Items: Fixed ceiling fan item missing a connector to one of the fan blades
  • Fixed golf ball milestone placement issues
  • Wearables: Fixed scorelight placement on skeleton
  • Wearables: Fixed Death Cloak and Police Hat offsets
  • Fixed theater seat cups floating in the Theater Condo
  • Fixed fish not snapping into aquaria as they used to

UI Fixes

  • Fixed store UI opening the pause menu when closing it with the escape key
  • Fixed store music (music store) not stopping when closing the store UI with the escape key
  • Fixed group UI popping up under the scoreboard (and duplicating)
  • Fixed Collection Book showing multiple percentages on the left page
  • Fixed Collection Book not restoring the scroll bar position (now you can toggle it off and on without losing where you were)
  • Fixed Collection Book pixelation on EXP and progress percentages UI elements
  • Cleaned up pause menu inventory a bit (still needs more work). Fixed tags not all loading properly. Fixed large inventory causing massive lag. Fixed search bar not having a clear button like other search bars in the game
  • Fixed content menu causing hitching when loading data for it
  • Fixed leaderboard UI showing invalid score if you have no score yet logged
  • Fixed Forest leaderboard not loading its icon in the collection book
  • Fixed collection book leaderboard avatars not always loading in
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in Trainyard’s description
  • Fixed bug report going to the wrong URL

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ayy 0.9.1

Initial impressions: The changes to Virus are A+. All the changes accumulate to make the gameworld feel totally fresh.

@Johanna amazing job with the updated Overtime. That map is now easily one of my favorites. The lighting makes a world of difference!

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