New Video Series

Hey guys, not sure if many of you recognise my name or anything but I make Tower unite videos quite often and I had a new video series idea that I want to get as many of you involved as possible if you’re interested.

A lot of my videos are tutorials or condo related ideas. So I’m going to do a Condo Showcase where you guys can invite me to your condo to show me some of your designs or just send me some screenshots and I will compile it into a video with all credit to you and a shoutout to your channel/s etc.

I don’t want to start this unless people are interested so I would appreciate some feedback :slight_smile:


A condo tour series, now that’s something i would watch.


Feel free to do a tour of my condo!


I have a condo tour series of my own places :smiley:

Sure yeah, I’d love to show off my underwater and Classic Suite

Oh, I can show you around mine :smirk:

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Well… I would…but, I may or may not have sold my 1m worth of condo things and bought a fuck ton of silver cats sacks just to end up geting the turtle pet which is the best thing I got from all of them… Hehe

Regrets were made…

I will participate! :smiley:

If you don’t mind self drawn furry art hung up on the walls, I could show you around

Add me on steam and I’ll gladly show you around a bit!

ill do it