New type of game?

I was thinking of new type of game that I believe most player’s would have fun playing. It’s like beat sabers i guess, but it would be played with your keys and their would be milestone prizes you would be able to get. Some of the milestone’s I though of were a playable guitar(hold in you item slot), music notes (particle effect), and other thing’s. Also the game would either be a arcade game or somewhere else. over all I would get in more detail right now but I don’t have the time.

As for the guitar, there is one being added already, even though it isn’t one to put in your item slot.

Shown here:


this sounds like the “Planetary Piano” arcade game that is being added already

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Yeah, that too.

oof I need look at what they are making in the arcade

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You can check out the devlogs here on the forums!

There is also a video of work done in the past month which features arcade content:

P.S. The video features footage of the arcade game that we were talking about.

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In the future, would you mind using a meaningful title? “New type of game?” isn’t quite the level of detail one would need to decide if they should read this or not.