New Tower Unite Website!

Yeah, I know, it’s the holidays for us Americans right now and I shouldn’t have been working this week… but I wanted to.

So I finished up the new website for Tower Unite. It’s live right now:

There’s a couple things still that need to be sorted out (and some more features to talk about), but it’s a lot better than our previous website and going live now lets me add more to this website over time.

I would really appreciate feedback on the website as well as how it looks and runs on your browsers and mobile devices.

Yeah, that’s literally all this post is about. Check out the new website!


It looks really cool!

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It looks really cool and sleek. I like it! :grin:

I’ve just had a quick browse of the site on my iPad, and it displays perfectly, no problems whatsoever.

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@macdguy will you take down /new/ ?

I already did.

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Looks really great! Time to spam this link to some friends of mine. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks good, but a few things:

  • The right sidebar section (with the “NO MICROTRANSACTIONS” bit and stuff) just feels… kind of empty. I’d suggest putting some icons over each line to fluff it up a bit.

  • The “When is TU coming out?” question in the FAQ should say something like “The game will be released under Steam™ Early Access in April 2016, with the full release coming sometime in late 2016.”

  • I feel that there should be more screenshots/videos under the MEDIA section, or have a separate page for the rest of them (like the FAQs).

  • The “CONNECT WITH US” section just seems bland with a gray background. Maybe put a night shot of the ferris wheel there?

  • I feel the TOWER UNITE logo on the black nav header feels too tight around the top/bottom parts. Maybe make it a bit smaller in that regard?

  • And this is more of an optional thing, but could there be a video of the lobby instead of a static image on the top section of the page (the ‘home’ section) in the background?

Other than that, nice work so far, Mac!

Mac, you surprise me once again.

Adding on to this.
You don’t need to tell us that we can run, jump, crouch, sit, or stand. That seems like a given.
The rest of the sentence (and paragraph) is fine, though.

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A lot of Virtual World games don’t let you run, jump, crouch, or sit. And if they do, they act like it’s a big deal.


Ah, never played a game of the genre that didn’t allow for that.
Suppose GMT spoiled me :wink:

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JanusVR don’t let you crouch or sit, that’s for sure. (At least it lets you fly. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yeah I plan to, but not just yet.

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I agree and I have attended to these suggestions.


Looks great :innocent:

I swear cloud to butt is the best chrome extension because you always forget you have it until you encounter it again, and the amount of times it changes stuff is rare enough for you to forget about it until it smacks you in the face.


It looks like you forgot protection while making your own place…


The website looks exactly the same

I can ensure you it does not.

The old website is vastly different.

I had to clear my cache.