New system for event coin items

An overhaul for how event coin-bought items work. In the current system, you have to spend event coins (Ghoul Coins, Holiday Coins, Anniversary Coins) to buy one of an item. This is fine for things like accessories, where one is not going to buy more than one of said item, but for furniture items especially, having to grind a bunch of coins only to get one item is unnecessarily tedious when one just wants decoration for a condo. This gets worse when you consider that with this system, one can only buy said items during the events.

The idea goes like this: Instead of using coins to purchase individual items, make it so these coins instead “unlock” the item for purchase. After which, the customer spends units on each subsequent purchase.

With this system, you still have the scarcity of having to unlock the items during special events, but it removes the headache of having to grind for the items, and also allows you to purchase the items from the vendors in Celebrations, even when the event isn’t active, so you don’t have to wait until next year/anniversary to get more of the items.