New shop idea for Plaza

Today, I have an idea for new shop into Tower Unite, this shop would be adressed to people whose likes to spend a lot of units (Over 500,000 Units to lets say… 3,000,000 Units?).
I also had few ideas of items that could be inside this kind of shop:

(Wearable) Diamond particles: 1,300,000 Units - Walk around like a rich being with your priceless diamonds.

(Wearable) Golden magic potatoes: 750,000 Units - A simple potato can suddenly and magically have more value in this world.

(Equippable) Cosmic Diamond: 2,000,000 Units - Throw away your magical shiny diamonds coming from another galaxy.

(Equippable) Gold/Diamond powder: 1,750,000 Units - Spread around some powder of gold or diamond.

Those are just a base idea of expensive items, as gold/diamond/cosmic is very rare.
I would like to collect some feedback to see if i can improve this idea, or if it is not worth to keep it up alive.

Feel free to give your feedback! :slight_smile:

The theme could be a jewelry shop.


I quite like the idea of having high end items, whenever I play games that have an economy like this, its nice to have something to work hard to achieve

If they can have a Wowozela in the arcade, I’m sure having some high end Unit-based items wouldn’t hurt! :wink:


Exactly what I wanted to say. :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like this idea! I am always down for a new way to sink my units. Similar to how the Burger Crown is a sort of flex item, it’d be cool to have a shop with similar cosmetics/condo furniture. It would run the risk of players getting upset at the price, but I think if there were some sort of cohesive theme like what you described players would recognize that they’re just dumb items to flex your units with.

I remember when even the Underwater condo dropped at 400k some of the community spoke out against the price. Meanwhile a lot of the core community who either play often or have played for a long time are sitting on multi-millions with nothing left to spend it on besides the eternal need for more canvas items.

I know Tower is a pretty casual light hearted experience, and long term grinding is a little antithetical to the spirt of the game. However I always want more long term goals and prestigious items to work towards. For now I’m just sitting on my units until Cosmic catsacks are redeemable lol.


I think high end Unit costing items are cool. The wowozela is ridiculous though. I feel like a whole shop is a bit excessive? However since your ideas of items are all wearables this could be like an upper floor to the (I believe it’s planned?) Appearance item shop that’s currently unfinished but located on the opposite side of DIY


I got the Wowozela and it was worth every goddamn ticket, it completes any Morshu cosplay. Having more stupid -but unique- expensive items is something that’d fit in perfectly in TU. Especially since they increased the amount of money made per activity and the ease of gaining it.

I think this idea would be best as a Black Market style area in the belly of the Tower or Subway (maybe down one of the tunnels?) that you have to complete a hidden quest to access. The area could also serve as a hidden lounge for experienced players. Spending lucrative amounts of money should have a “secret society” feel to it imo.

Some random expensive item ideas:

  • THE Gold-Plated Toilet (Chair)
  • Catsack Disguise (Equipable, functions like the stealth box but turns you into a Catsack)
  • Money Gun (Equipable, similar to Confetti Gun)
  • Microscopic Potion (Equipable, makes you 1/20th the size)
  • “I’m Rich” Neon Hat (Wearable, comedicly large neon sign pointing to you)
  • Kings Chalice (Equipable, infinite wine drink. Looks like King Harkinian’s chalice)
  • Pet Boulder 3 (Equipable, Rolling Pet)

eh, atleast this sounds more fairer and less tedious then getting the dumb wowozela

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This one already exists for Backers.

Reminds me the wandering merchant from GMod Tower.

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Luxury store! Would love to see this happen.

It could include expensive, shiny jewelry, crowns/tiaras, money/luxury related particles or effects (money, diamonds, gold), fancy clothing such as tuxedos, dresses, gowns, top hats, monocles. Perhaps it could also include kitsch furniture items and antiques, expensive pianos or other expensive musical instruments, maybe even expensive designer/racer cars.


+1 for overly expensive Gold-Plated Toilet.


The Stray could be used for this purpose as it kind of needs more items and considering the fact it was the original black market area as it replaced the wandering merchant from GMT it could fit to have various items in there

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Personally, I’d prefer The Stray to stay as the shop for (mostly) magical and magic-themed items. It’s just that there need to be more items of that kind, like potion ingredients when cooking comes about.


The Wandering Merchant would be neat, and he could only appear in a dark alley at night. He could perhaps contrast the Luxury shop, or offer some of the same items for cheaper but with questionable qualities (for example, he could offer some of the same luxury tech but broken or partially working, or some other shady unpredictable twist).