New Little Crusaders Map: Toy Room (


Hey there! We’ve got a new map for Little Crusaders with a visual upgrade of Midori for you to enjoy! Don’t forget to take TUrns when playing with the toys!

After this update, we’re going to be focusing on migrating to Unreal 4.15.

#New Little Crusaders Map: Toy Room!

The Dragon has escaped from its toy-box in this colorful, playful map created by Matt. It’s up to
the Knights to contain the wild animal. You’re in the Dragon’s realm now, the realm of oversized toys.


  • New Little Crusaders Map: Toy Room
  • Ball Race: Improved Midori Visuals
  • Ball Race: Midori’s bonus level is now activated
  • Added media player queue key prompts when you are looking at an active media player
  • Added even more LOD’s to the Plaza (optimization)
  • Redid the look of the Condo menu UI
  • Added notification feedback when you change Condo join permissions
  • Added notification feedback when you save/load Condo snapshots
  • Added timeout for anti-macro UI
  • Crosshair now hides while you are looking at an active media player

Bug Fixes

  • Plaza: Fixed collision on Project 12 curved bar top
  • Plaza: Fixed misaligned planters around the plaza fountain
  • Plaza: Fixed right hand stores launcher from visually pushing in the wrong direction
  • Plaza: Fixed weird cubemap issue on top of Lazer Tag
  • Plaza: Fixed Outdoor Casino pillars from randomly appearing invisible
  • Plaza: Bowling side room is now completely encompassed by the Bowling level streaming volume
  • Plaza: Fixed Bowling from stuttering as much when first entering
  • Plaza: Fixed being able to see underneath the world through the doorway in the Bumper Cars Lobby when the Bumper Cars stage room streams out
  • Plaza: Fixed foliage on the tower rooftop not taking into account player settings
  • Minigolf - Forest: Fixed an issue where getting into the hole in course 7 of Forest counted as OOB
  • Minigolf - Forest: Players can no longer put onto the historic practice green from hole 9
  • Minigolf - Forest: Players can no longer put onto and get stuck on hole 13’s sign
  • Fixed a bug with Video Blackjack locking up sometimes
  • Fixed slot machine LED graphics drawing over top of coin particles
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t interact with the Item Finder
  • Fixed tiny potion animation speeds not matching player movement (basically the animations would make you seem like you are walking in slow-mo)
  • Fixed unequipping potions disabling the effects of Speed Shoes
  • Fixed a bug with inventory drag and dropping where you could accidentally drop an item into the world in certain places on the inventory UI
  • Fixed a known exploit
  • Fixed a bug where the inventory sometimes wouldn’t scroll down with the scroll wheel based on certain locations where the mouse is hovered over
  • Fixed a bug where the item properties (when you right click on an item in the inventory bar) would not go away when you click on another item
  • Fixed player profile popup not getting mouse input when it first opens up
  • Fixed open profile button on chat lines not closing the tooltip properly
  • Fixed scoreboard open profile button not closing the tooltip properly
  • Fixed game notifications not working at all due to last engine migration

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slower response time.


Oh boy!


we will never forget you andy


Neat beans!!


Can you please not release updates when i sleeeeeeppppp




man, waking up to a new TU update is great
can’t wait to get home and play some Deus vult simulator on the new map




woahhhhh midori bonus level


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