New Gameworld Speculation?

In the stream last night, Mac said that they’re pushing Virus to be the last game mode before early access, but exclaimed that a totally new and unannounced game world will take it’s place. He said it’s a team-v-team game world.

So, with the current information, we can ascertain that it doesn’t have guns since they won’t use the weapon system with it. It won’t be Monotone or Gourmet Race either (but it could very well be an adaptation of those). What do you guys think this new game world will be?

I bet this game world will be a simplistic base-building base-defense minigame. Where players can control cannons and other medieval weaponry to destroy the opposing team’s castle. Similar to the GBA game Fortress.


I didn’t watch the stream yesterday because it was late & i was sleeping atm;

So, i’ll watch the replay but it would be amazing a new gameworld! It may be a musical test or a G culture quizz in a team! It would be pretty cool to have this kind on competition, the team who has most of points win or whatever, a thing like that! :wink:

Drunk tag.


I really hope for something similiar to Monotone.

Basewars like in GMod, with a much better playerbase.

Virus what? :frowning:

Yep. Virus has to be pushed back because they basically have to rework the base work for guns.
They want to make sure it feels good and plays well.

It’s still coming eventually, so don’t worry!


Oh, ok… If they need to do that, I’m agree. Also, waiting for Virus :smiley:

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I don’t think it will be either one, they said NEW, something they have never done before and it’s a team game. A version of capture the flag? Idk… Btw what is the monotone thing in the gmod tower, was that a game or just something to look at?

It was a planned game mode, but they never got around to finishing it.

747 Jumbo Jet Racing

Uhhh. You might have heard this wrong. Which is why now I really gotta finish writing this news post, huh.

We said that Virus was pushed to be the 4th Game World that will be ready BY Early Access. All that means is that the alpha players will get it last. The new Game World will be coming out before Virus. Virus will be ready by Early Access.

I still won’t tell you anything about the new Game World, though.


Oh. Thank you for clearing it up for me. I thought there were only 3 game modes before early access.

Not even for a cupcake? With peanut-butter frosting?

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We promised 4 on the Indiegogo campaign, we’d be lying to you if we failed to deliver on that. And I don’t like lying to our fans.

I mean, I do like peanut-butter…

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Damn, my memory is awful.

I can’t actually believe that nobody immediately knew it was the horror gamemode.

To show the progress or mechanics or even models of such a gameworld would spoil it, so all they can say is that it’s team vs team (alive people versus dead ghosty people) and release it into the wild.

Or it could be drunk tag.

Mac said it wasn’t the Horror Hill game world in the stream.

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inb4 Puzzle Impossible 2.0

Drunk tag totally confirm

He also said it’s nothing we’ve ever seen.

but damn dude drunk tag would be the shit