New Gamemode: Wargames


is an idea for a more complex gamemode with symmetrical teams and more involved combat mechanics. It would have one of the longest match times and one of the highest payouts to balance the time:profit ratio in case fun isn’t enough payment for some players! This is largely designed as a spiritual successor to the Power Struggle gamemode of Crysis with some tweaks.


The gamemode would take place in the near future (2025/2035) in battlefields set around the world ranging from tropical islands to arid deserts to mountains regions. Players will take the roll of two special forces teams dispatched to eliminate the other’s foothold in the region. This is accomplished by destroying the opposing teams headquarters with two shots from a nuclear WMD. Various facilities are strategically placed around the Region to help you accomplish this (more on Secondary and Primary objectives later). Acquisition of various vehicles will be possible from production facilities in the region.


Main Objective: Securing the region is accomplished by eliminating the enemy’s Command Center inside their base. Being a hardened facility this can only be done with High Yield Weapons. These weapons are acquired from a Laboratory (or Lab for short). Unfortunately the Lab needs power to produce these WMDs so you will also need to keep a hold on various reactors around the battlefield. You only need one, but the more your team has under it’s banner the faster the Lab will power up. Once the facility is at full power it will be ready for production of various WMDs. It will take two hits from a Tactical Nuclear warhead to destroy the enemy Command Center.

Secondary Objectives: Around each Region are various Facilities available for capture to help support your team. These are divided up into two catagories, Production Facilities and Hard Points.

  • There are four kind of Production facilities available to aid in victory. The first is the Depot, which is where you can produce various combat vehicles such as armed car, IFVs, and Battle Tanks. The second is the Port, where you can make various patrol boats and armed hovercraft, assuming where you are deployed has adiquate water coverage. The third is the Airfield, where you can produce attack helicopters and VTOLs. The last facility doesn’t require capture as it is located inside the base, the Armory is where you can pick up Special Weapons to aid in infantry combat.

-Hard Points comprise soley of Bunkers. Bunkers act as a defendable deployment area, and are normally build in a strategic location that can change the flow of combat if taken advantage of.


The regions in which operations take place can vary drastically in size and the facilities that are available for capture (for example a small region may only contain an armory at both bases while a larger region may contain multiple depots and airfields.) The regions will also vary in enviornment from tropical beaches and jungles, to mountain ranges to hot deserts. The size of the region will also dictate the size of the forces operating within it.

Working in a team is the best way to capture objectives, but there may be times you wish to break away to better support the team (such as taking up a sniping potition on a cliff while everyone else moves in to apture a facility.) or to help the overall objective (sneaking behind enemy lines to capture a facility.)

Agents are equiped with a suit allowing you to run faster, jump higher, hit harder and take more damage, as well as turn invisible for a short time! Just don’t run out of energy because it will render you no better than a civillian with a gun till it recharges!

You may have extra armor but you’re not invincible. Every firefight can prove to be fatal so be careful, think tactically, and aim straight!

Any equipment purchased will cost Requitition points (Refered to as points from herein). Points are aquired by eleminating enemy agents and capturing Secondary Objectives. Production Facilities reward more than Hard Points.

The more Points you aquire from the field the higher rank you will recieve (Pvt, Cpl, Sgt, lt, cpt, mjr, gen). Your rank determines your starting balance of Points and is reset every new deployment.

Pace yourself and you just may make it back home in one piece, run in guns blazing and you’ll end up a statistic.


Agents are equiped with the latest weaponry and equipment.

New Agents are given a Scorpion Evo Carbine, and a Glock 41 as well as 2 fragmentation grenades. New weaponry is available for purchase at the quartermaster(Located at the Plaza Game Ports) and includes new submachine guns (Ex: Vector SMG) Assault Rifles (Ex: Sig MCX, Desert Tech MDR) Shotguns (Ex: Cyre Percision Six12) Sniper Rifles (Ex: Accuracy International AX338, Remington RSASS) and Sidearms (Ex: Sphinx SDP, Rhino 60ds)

Special weapons are aquireable on the field and can be carried along side your other weapons. Special weapons compose of weapons such as rocket launchers, remote explosives, prototype weapons (such as laser snipers and freeze rays) and other such heavy weapons. Remember this isn’t a video game, you CAN get more ammo for special weapons. You can only carry one special weapon at a time.

Special weapons can be acuired at an Armory in the base or at a Hard Point.


I have two ideas for who the teams fight for, and the decision is up to public decision. -New: Two Private Military Corporations vying for control of the regions. -Classic: United States SOCOM and Korean Peoples Army of United Korea

Player models would of course carry over. A uniform would be equiped during gameplay (Or we could make custom models for both sides and leave so many unique possibilities out)

I see this as something that wouldn’t be started until after post-release if it was approved

As far as music goes, something in the same style as crysis should do

Tutorial for Crysis’ Power Struggle describes the game mode very well!

Please post your thoughts, questions and ideas bellow! And if you like the idea spread the word! Critism is welcome but please be respecful and constructive!


No offense, but we already have a pvp gamemode planned. It’s called Slaughterday Night Live. This type of realistic gameplay doesn’t really fit with the craziness of Tower, IMO.

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Yes I know of SNL. I still call it PVP and reference it with this name multiple times. If it’s anything like it’s predecessor it will be insanely fast paced and very twitchy. It’s fun but it’s not something that keeps me coming back much, and I’m not the only one because I barley ever see games going for that and if I do it’s with the absolute minimum amount of players.

And not making something that could be fun because it’s not crazy enough would be a grave mistake.

To each their own though. Had a feeling I might be one of the only to like this idea.

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This sounds so amazing. This could be a game in itself.

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It would definitely be a game sized undertaking. Probably something that would be released after tower unite

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This is exactly what I thought when reading this. It’s a good idea, don’t get me wrong, but It feels too big to be fit within Tower Unite. Notice how most of these game worlds are really simple with one-two objectives: SNL - Shoot other players, accelerate - drive and win first, ball race - roll to the exit, virus - survive/infect others. I feel that a complicated game world like this would deter causal players looking for a good, quick and fun time.

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That’s why it would be made after the game releases. And being only one of many other very casual gamemodes, people who like to keep it casual can avoid it. Not only that but it may bring in more players who like that it’s a bit more invested, as well as those who were affected by gamespy dropping the original base from where this comes.

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What I’m trying to say is that this game mode isn’t very casual. It feels too complex, even though we already have something more simple like it.

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Yes I get that. I’m saying that if it is too complex for some people, there are plenty of other gamemodes, and that having a more complex game mode may bring in additional people who didn’t want to play Tower since it doesn’t have anything less casual.

Plus that “more simple thing like it” also has one big difference in that it’s all about reflexes not strategy and skill.

Like I said not everyone will find this fitting and enjoyable and I completely respect that, but I think it would be nice to have a few more complex things mixed in with the simple

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Something else I want to say. Making something this complex, it would probably be putting too much pressure on the team. They aren’t a big team. This idea feels more like a AAA game.

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It’s the spiritual successor to one as I said in the OP, that game being Crysis MP’s/Crysis Wars’ Power Struggle mode.

I fully admit it’s a HUGE undertaking with lots of models that would be need to be made or found. Scripting, animating, an insane amount of bug testing, designing vehicles, voice recording, etc… But I think the end result would be staggering to say the least.

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I dunno, I’m just not sure this game mode is necessary when we already have something like it. But we need other people to weigh on this.

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I agree. We need more people to say what they think.

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For what it’s worth, I agree with both of you. While it’s a great idea, it would be a big undertaking and so is not likely to happen.

Anything is possible! Hell if I could do anything technical to help make this a reality I would!

I would love to see this either in tower unite, or another release by pixeltail games.

Hopefully someone important to the team feels the same. It would be incredibly fun and I would enjoy having something less casual to play.

I also have a big idea for this: certain servers where the game never really ends. As in, you keep playing and doing objectives and such, but buildings get rebuilt, etc. The map changes every few days, and you get your exp when you exit, but it also saves every so often in the event of crashes, assuming it doesn’t already upgrade in real time.

The problem I find with unending servers is that they tend to “end” a lot with one team base trapped which in turn makes some player quit from the game. That and the idea has a very determined end goal that I do not believe would benefit the game play(and that if it’s part of official TU, you have to eventually win or lose to get to the tower). But I’m sure if this does happen it wouldn’t be too hard to modify to have an infinite server.

On a different note I am going to overhaul the OP since a professional suggestion should have a professional and more informative presentation!

P.S If people like this idea please do spread the info around. The more people who would like to see this happen the more likely it is! If you have friends who’d like it get them to join the forums (and donate to TU of course!)!

Finished with the rewrite. Would love to hear from someone important on this : )