[New Game World] Tower Defense



I remember fond memories of playing Tower Defense with my peers on Pulsar Effect server a while back and just thought it would be a fun new game world. I know it takes a lot to make so it’s a big decision but I recall this game mode being full 24/7 around the clock while perp minigames was up.

You had a maze-like structure where creeps with increasingly high health and numbers keep spawning. You were elevated above the creep’s shooting range on the wall’s top bordure and could play towers there.

The towers were based off of Team Fortress 2 models (so this obviously would need to change). You had towers corresponding to Team Fortress 2 character:

  1. Sniper Tower: Long range, slow shoot rate, very high damage
  2. Heavy Tower: Medium range, medium single target, no splash damage, very high shoot rate.
  3. Rocket Tower: Short range, medium single target, very high splash damage
  4. etc.

There was no medic or spy tower as far as I remember though.

But yeah, this game was insanely fun. Just wanted to put this on the table.



I believe this has been suggested before. The problem with this is that these Tower Defense games tend to go very long, which seems to be against the nature of TU’s gameworlds. The longest they should be, in my opinion, is minigolf. Some Tower Defense games can last for hours- even mods that make a game mode for tower defense like you gave have this issue.
I personally would not like this addition.

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Nah, not for tu.

As said by evkem, tus gameworlds are short and sweet, your meant to be able to hop around the gameworlds, dipping your toes in different modes, maps, (and in the future) mutators.

You should never spend more than 30 mins playing a gameworld.



There’s no reason you can’t have a short tower defense game.

An actual complaint would be how are you gonna make multiplayer tower defense fun?



No matter what you do I feel like it might be really difficult to make it worth the time and effort to make.



it’d be possible to create this using the arcade api