New Forum, New Fun!

We’re still slowly setting up the forums and getting all the necessary stuff written up for it, but in the mean time we’d love to hear feedback on Tower Unite. Go ahead and try out the new forums. It’s got a lot of new features that our old forums wouldn’t have.

Couple of upcoming things in regards to PixelTail:

  • We’ll be launching a new crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo around the end of June. We’ll announce more about it on the 20th of June 2015.
  • We will be using Steam Greenlight for Tower Unite during the IndieGogo campaign, so be sure to vote for us when it’s up!
  • We’re gonna still keep doing developer streams so stay subscribed to our Twitch:
  • We will be soon detailing you on how your GMod Tower account will transfer over to Tower Unite.

And that’s about it for now. We’ll keep you updated on these forums as well as Twitter, Facebook, and our Newsletter. Thank you!


Yes, I know this thread is 10 days old and I gave a reply to it. Oh well. I guess I should’ve done this much sooner.

I think this forum system is really neat! Looks flexible and compact. Has some unique features as well.
Wanted to try this forum system out on my own little test website, so I went on and informed myself about Discourse.
Then I realized: No MySQL support.

0/10 what is PostgreSQL

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