New Forum Features

Today I upgraded our forums a bit with two new features: voting on Suggestions and staff approved answers for Questions and Bug Reports.

##Suggestion Voting
In the Suggestions category (, you can now see a voting system per topic.

When you enter a topic in Suggestions you will now see a section in the top left of the title. There is a Vote button now. Voting helps us gauge the suggestion’s likability. It’s something new we’re trying out so we hope this is helpful.

You can also see the number of votes before reading the Suggestion.

##Staff Approved Answers

In the Questions ( and Bug Report ( categories, staff and the topic owner can now approve official answers to the question asked and the bug reported. This is very useful to find the actual answer without having to search through all the posts.

When a topic has an approved answer, it’ll have a checkbox next to it like:

Then, in the original post it’ll show where the answer is and who approved it.

##And that’s it!
We hope these new features to the forums will better our community and keep things neat and tidy when it comes to community engagement. It’ll also make things a lot easier for our staff as we can look, at a glance, topics that have been handled or not handled.


nice dude


nice new plugins! thanks for these, it helps suggestions, questions and other stuff a lot!

one question though, what are super votes, and how do you get them? I noticed its an option when using that suggestion voting.

This is great! Thank you for implementing it. :slight_smile:

YAY! Voting, gonna love this new feature :slight_smile:

Looks nice!

AMAZING! These are fantastic and will certainly help out with several things.

Especially fond off the suggestion count one as it can really help show what the community really is looking for or what they really want to see ingame. :smile:

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Very good and smart update! I like the voting idea a lot, and the staff approved answers is also a nice bonus. These forums are pretty well designed. Great job guys! :clap:

Also this ^

Yeah, I just noticed the voting feature a few minutes ago, and I’m already enjoying it.
Thanks a lot, Mac!

Only thing is that because of the votes, people might no longer be really giving likes to the OP.
Other than that cool features!

I freakin love it!

I have also noticed this and it appears to be an unintended side effect of the update. My guess is people don’t like giving someone two upvotes for just 1 topic. It feels kinda cheezy I guess, like you’re playing favorites. But votes are different so people shouldn’t feel that way.

Maybe doing a vote should also give a like simultaneously? Or we could keep track of votes independently from likes. (Probably the best idea)

Time to go through all the old suggestions and vote like mad then, I guess.

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Is there a reason for having a limited amount of votes ?

Most likely to get users to vote on things they want the most rather than just anything they would like to see.

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