New (?) disappearing accessories bug

I found that when my friends joined the plaza I was in, they could not see my hat or any accessories I had on. Likewise, I could not see the ones they had on. We both had to re-equip our accessories to make them all appear to each other.

Don’t recall this ever happening before, but had several of my friends experience it at the same time so I don’t think its just me.


I believe this has been around for a while. I’ve definitely experienced it over the past couple years, as well as shrunken accessories.

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ah I guess just no one ever pointed it out before. kind of defeats the point of customizing our appearance if we have to reset it for every single player pretty much

Yeah, this bug was never fixed entirely. It sometimes looks perfectly fine on your screen, but different users see yours going broken all the time. It only takes less than 30 minutes playing different minigames around the plaza with your friend to recreate it, but your client may show fine.

It’s quite frustrating that a game that focuses a lot on player customization still struggles to fix this issue, but I still have faith.
I hope @macdguy can give us more insight on this bug and didn’t forget about it.

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I’ve applied a ton of hours into resolving this bug entirely, but there is a deep Unreal engine bug with attaching items to character models when a player gets attached to other objects (such as seats) in dedicated servers. There’s another solution, but it’s highly expensive performance wise. I can look more into it further. I have put a lot of time trying to resolve this issue.


Not that I would know better, but I don’t think it is simply coming from player getting attached to other objects because a few friends of mine hopped on a Plaza, went to the theater and then saw my shrunk accessories being clipped inside my head, barely sticking out (instead of being on its regular size attached on my head). I had not interacted with any other thing in the Plaza besides pressing E to enter the theater at that point.

This is the first Unreal engine game I’m seeing this issue from. Are any other games known to have this issue? I’d like to take a look and see how it’s happening on their end.

The issue is with attaching objects on player models only in the dedicated scenario. What happens is it resets all transforms applied to the attached objects, which is scale or translation, which basically means it removes our own applied offsets. This issue is only in dedicated servers, not peer to peer. Why it occurs is a bunch of code that fires off when actors get attached to each other.