New Casino Game: Liars Dice!

I used to play this game in Red Dead Redemption with my friends, it was called Liars Dice. A more uncommon game but super simple and fun. Instead of describing it I’ll put some links down.

A detailed Wiki

These guys learned the same way I did when playing with friends. It’s that easy!

A more detailed tutorial

There are different versions of this game but I’d stick with the way Red Dead Redemption did it. While I find this game easy and fun some may get bored. To make up for possible boredom I’d suggest making the Ante/Pot flexible. For example you could make it so that each table has a different minimum bet increasing by a certain amount. Please make it so a player needs to actually have the required minimum to be able to sit. One table could start at 100U and the one next to it could be 500U and increase by however many Units you the creators see fit. I think some of those who have lots of Units already would like a high stakes table…lets say 100000U?

If you were to put 6 seats at a table and 6 players were sitting then the winner of a 1000U game would get 6000U! I think this would not only be a fast way to make money but also extremely addictive. I know adding an addictive casino game might seem a little immoral but it’s fake money so who cares? Oh and you could also make it so the Ante can be voted/manually increase by those sitting at the table before the game starts. Lets say there’s only two at a table and player one wants to increase the bet from the minimum 1000U to 1500U but player two only has 1200U, well in that case player one would only be able to increase the number to 1200U and ask for a vote. If all players click yes then that would be the new Ante for that game.

Please, please, please make this into a thing! We really need another casino game that rewards a lot of money but is still as easy to learn and play.

Oh and if you do make this a thing do you think you could scratch my name into the texture of the table or add some other subtle clue as to who suggested this? lol this would just be so my friends actually believe me when I tell them I suggested it.


come on man, gotta search this stuff up first.

Also it’s fine to bump old threads as long as you add to discussion.

I do try and search things but I honestly never thought it would have been suggested already. When talking about this game in the real world I’ll mention it but just get confused looks from everyone. Which is funny because most of them played red dead redemption.

But you got me, good call! I’ll go vote and add to the discussion of these posts right away!

Oh and plz add a “A game of [amount of units here] Liar’s Dice is about to start, join?” Pop up. Not sure if that would be possible given the minimum ante requirment but it would keep the game from dying out like the poker tables. Or maybe just add the notification for the most common table? Like 500U?

That is, IF you decide to add this I mean.

Please don’t put these tables next to the super loud slot machines. It’ll be hard to concentrate while constantly hearing Wheel…of money!