New camera is making me feel sick

So this new camera is making me feel very dizzy and I’m wondering if there is or if there is plans on adding a setting to change it because I feel MG is hard to play like this

The change to the camera was made to help with desync issues with the camera in servers, but yeah I agree it’s kinda disorienting sometimes. It would be nice if there was a slider/toggle to adjust the camera lerping, maybe with a warning that it’ll look less smooth if you’re not the host

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Yeah I stand for this, I mostly play MG as host or alone so it wouldn’t bother me

On a related note, I also hate that they cap the fps to 60 for hosts. I can’t stand to look at anything less than 120, so I basically never go in my condo anymore and I never host gameworlds anymore. And I don’t tend to join other people’s games meaning that for probably close to a year now, I’ve done nothing in this game but plaza.

I think this is because physics are tied to the host’s frame rate, which is a bad practice. Time increments used in physics simulation should be independent of the rendering system.

But this should only affect the host of multiplayer games, not the clients.

This was explained when we rolled this out. Basically this is due to Unreal 4’s multiplayer systems. Any host with more than 60FPS will cause massive network desyncs and user connections due to a bug in Unreal 4 engine. The PhysX system is also tied to FPS and there is no way around it (we’ve tried several solutions).

Oh, I know. I remember the announcement. I know it’s not your fault but I still don’t like it.

Would this be something that dedicated condos/hosting would help solve when they come? Since you’d be able to host a condo on an external dedi program instead of having to do it ingame?

Yes. If you host dedicated and join that server you won’t have the FPS cap.