Never introduced myself before, I am bambie

Hi, I am Bambie.

Problems-Not getting along with anyone, not getting pressured by peers, thinking too much, researching a lot, writing a lot, reading a lot
Music I love-Kpop, Chiptune
Production house name- Goblin Inventions , in short GobInv (inspired by Goblin Tinkerer workshop furniture in Terraria, and the fact that goblins are associated with making quality unique weapons in many fantasy stories)

wtf is bambie? You will soon know the origin of my name, No! its not that deer from that Disney cartoon.

GMTower- I came with the first Yogcast wave after watching Yogcast feature Gmod Tower 2012. I bought gmod solely for gmtower. Back then I was interested in similar games to life rpg servers on Arma2 (the platform that DayZ uses). I found GMtower to be a fresh air and was really excited to play here. I enjoyed the slot machines to earn most cash (most of my income from slots) . Back then there were only 3 slot machines on the second floor near Bar, so it was easy to find higher amount of jackpot, and it was super competitive to be on slots, after each server crash, first wave of ppl to enter were ppl looking to sit on the slots. Introduction of casino killed the slots sadly in tower1.

Game Modding- At the same time I was modding on arma2, making my owner servers from borrowed scripts. I worked on my own Life rpg server and a zombie server (zombie sandbox was the origin of DayZ, DayZ is not original but a product of quality innovation from other previous servers on arma2, sadly its something that was never mentioned and the small number of devs that were the hidden part of the success of DayZ were never mentioned anywhere, the true Arma2 fans all know this) In arma2 a new cute term was coined called “Bambie” for stupid zombies getting stuck in fences or walls when chasing players. It got famous in DayZ, when a lot of live streamers started using it.

Game Developing- I have improved since than, I am now a hobbyist game developer, although I am still lazy and wont work from group up because of no reward. There are already tons of giant game houses with great games calling themselves “indie”, or should I say stolen ideas from small , unknown games. This is one main reason that I mainly work with kits and tutorials instead of making everything ground up, although that doesn’t mean I do not posses the knowledge of such hard task. I have spent about $300 so far on my hobby and have earned about $40 dollars back. When I am not working on a game that I want to see as a finalized product for android of web, I compete on Ludumdare, and other local and international indie game competitions. I am also a founder of my College game designing group. I also recreate old favorite games of mine in the engines I use, such as sim tower, sim city, mario and similar plateform. Coding- I have failed 3 times in programming classes, but I now find it fun to work with codes (of course the reason i failed was coz I found it boring and never studied) I can undestand/read and edit C, C++, Java but still not good at designing scripts. I can make static websites from group up, design its user interference, host and setup domain, seo and traffic.

Art- I have a degree in Visual and Creative and Arts Fundamentals from Sheridan. Sadly its not something I was wishing to complete, I was actually trying to get a seat in Animation degree program in Sheridan, world’s 5th best animation institute. But that same rank was the sole reason I was never accepted, as there were 600+ ppl trying for mere 60 seats by showing portfolio each year. I tried twice. Anyway I create art whenever I feel like it. I am a professional but not a good one, so I avoid anything related to human body as I lack knowledge of human anotomy, and focus mailny on abstract, emotions, minimalism or game art. You can check out a tiny amount on my deviantart account. (sry most of its art was removed, as I wanted to finally use it for my portfolio instead of a site where I put my art crap whether legally done or art on copyrighted work related to games like minecraft and terraria ) I also enjoy recreating minecraft and terraria in game painting with my own style in Photoshop.

Studies- Sadly its hard getting a good job in graphic design, and I find myself lacking in experience and too young to behave like drunk addicted traditional artist and create commercial art for living. (I did thought of a nice idea or making some giant good abstract art with emotion to sell to doctor and real state offices, but found it too embarrassing to call them and ask “Would you be interested in real hand made giant art for your office for super cheap?”) I am also studying electrical engineering currently.

Here are my games- (games for sale and donations for completion) (a lot of my multiplayer games) (most games removed for republishing, tons more to be put here, as its my favorite plateform)

Here is my remix music-


sites- /.ml, and many other .ml sites although most inactive.

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Welcome! :gift_heart:

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Normally, I am not much of a person to comment deeply on introductions, but I would like to point something out. About the conversation of “big indies” picking up the ideas of “smaller ideas”, I think there are a lot of people who need to understand that’s really just how the industry works and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, that’s really just how idea development goes, hence why you can’t copyright game mechanics - People just built upon others ideas in order to create something better.

And sometimes it even works on the opposite way, after all, isn’t just Binding of Isaac the Classic Legend of Zelda formula with some twists in it? That’s really the way to go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I have mix reaction to it too, as it differ incident by incident, although one thing I highly oppose and hate is the fact they call their games indie?, when these groups are funded by giant companies. These big name houses have occupied what little real indie ppl had to showcase (publish) their creative work on.

One example is that the maker of candy crush decided hey! lets copyright the word “Candy” and “Crush” (not together but separately) so that they can force down other similar games popping up with either words in the title,or get free royalty from those game owners. There are huge blacklast resulting in global “make any game with Candy or Crush in it” protest. I joined too :stuck_out_tongue:

The point however is that copying an exact idea with theme and an exact goal via big companies is straight out plagiarism, although copying the idea and innovate it any way possible is Innovation whether done by big or small time indie houses.