Nerf ghost

I feel like the ghosts should be nerfed. Out of any of the enemies the ghost does way more damage and even when they come out of their ground, while they do the animation there throwing balls at you which should not happen.

sure, decrease the rate of attack.
i mostly use melee to deal with ghosts kik

I’d once again like to point out that just because the enemies are difficult doesn’t necessarily mean they should be nerfed. I don’t see the point in nerfing everything in ZM just to bring the difficulty down to the skill level of some players. I’m also pretty sure they get easier/harder depending on the difficulty you choose.


Oh yeah your right, just that they should fix the ghost from not throwing stuff at you while its getting out of the ground, that is dumb when its getting up from the ground and attacking you when its not playing its throwing animation

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I really feel ghosts should go down in one hit, like less than your standard zombie. It should be really weak but with powerful attacks meaning you should prioritise killing it first.


I don’t think that was intentional, might want to make a bug report

i’ll definitely try and make a report about it