Neon Lights Bug

Summary of bug here.

Neon Lights cut out depending on the angle viewed.

Steps to Reproduce

Please list how this bug can be reproduced, if possible. Pictures would be much appreciated!

Adding over 10ish neon lights makes this happen.

What I expected to happen

The normal behavior.

All lights to stay on no matter what angle they are viewed from.

What happened

The issue the bug caused.

Lights cut out, making build and time put in placing them practically useless as it looks bad.

Notes / Media

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Having a similar issue with the neon bars.

This is in the House Condo, they are placed behind the wall. However this hasn’t been an issue in the past with them cutting out.

Seems to happen when not looking at them directly or glitching in and out while moving around them.

For now, I might have to fix their placements so the dots might look acceptable. They are intended to look like the stripes.

I reported this issue a while back and was told it was a longstanding issue with UE4 and how it renders lights.

Basically when you’re at a distance or at certain angles, the game will render more lights and turn light sources with length (Neon Bars, Lava Lamp, and Lantern I think) into normal point lights.

I also suggested a while back that they could implement a simpler Neon Bar that doesn’t have a light attached and instead uses Emission and Bloom which would work as a possible workaround.