Need some help/tips - pool lighting in condo

hey! sorry if this isn’t in the correct category, this is my first time posting something not bug-related haha

I’m working on my condo and I was wondering if anyone has any cool tips or advice for adding/creating some cool lighting in the pool? i’m decorating the courtyard villa one right now.

what ive tried so far is to put a cyan light on/in the pool with the ‘candle’ function, but it doesn’t really look too believable, i wanna achieve the kind of look that you would see in a pool, like this.

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There’s actually a hidden light type that you can’t access in the Base Condo’s pool. In new users’ pools there’s a unique caustic lighting attribute only used there. Currently there’s no way of accessing it.

Adding fog to the lower parts of your pool can add to its depth, but it may look weird in darker lighting.
You could also attempt putting a non-collidable canvas cube with a water material on it, but that may also cause some weird looking interactions.

What I did with my pool is make it into a pond, I changed the bottom into sand, added rocks and some grass, and put in some fish.


ooh this is super cool!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: thanks for the suggestion! I think this is a really creative idea especially bc i personally feel like the pool is in kinda a weird area? :thinking:

I appreciate this a lot, I might end up trying it out!

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