Need Help Naming a Business

So my friend and I have a small business where we install radios and plasti-dip cars.
Here’s a video explaing what plasti dip is: are not or associated with them)
Our current name is TAPS Audio and accents ( ) but we need a better, shorter name. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advanced :grin:

Why not just TAPS?

Edit: Spray and Pray?

Or something to do with paint/Plasti Dip

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The reason we cant do TAPS is because its already taken… If we get big, we don’t want any issues later on

We have been thinking of names… a good one is First Order Automotive

The First Order… Like the new starwars? Might be some legal issues or at least confusion

First Order isnt trademarked as far as i can see