Need help finding a game I saw a long time ago

So about two years ago, I saw this amazing looking space exploration game that I wanted to get, but I stupidly deleted the bookmark for it on my browser. I was wondering if anyone could help me find it if I give them a description of it?

The title for the game looked like it had <> or [] around it. I can’t remember.

The video of it went like this:
The player was exploring a small space station, in space of course. The player typed into a computer mounted on the ship, and the AI of the ship responded back to the player in text. The AI reluctantly opened the door outside of the ship, presumably so the player could work on it. The player then started typing to the computer AI from outside of the ship, but the AI went weird and wouldn’t let the player back in. They were talking about a random girl. The player then died from lack of oxygen and the video ended.

Please, if anyone remembers this game, tell me.

Sounds a lot like 2001: A Space Odyssey.

That was my exact response too. But it wasn’t called that.

Sounds kinda like Adr1ft.

That looks similar, but I don’t think that is it.

Do you remember anything else about the trailer? Release date? Platforms? Anything would help?

I honestly can’t remember anything else. It looked very early in development. I remember there was barely any information on the page.

Hmm…well, do you remember anything else about the game itself? Like, the environment? The perspective? Anything like that? Like, you said it looks similar to Adr1ft. I’m assuming then that it was first person? And do you remember if the station itself was all wrecked and thus, with no gravity, like in Adr1ft?

Well, I do remember the character was floating inside the space ship. It was very similar to Adr1ft. But the station wasn’t broken at all.

Hmm…well, check out Verde Station and Routine. I don’t think it’s them but they do seem similar.

Yeah… Sadly neither of those are it. Thank you for trying though.

Not giving up just yet but I am running out of ideas. I’m basically just googling all sorts of stuff trying to see what I can come up with.

Yeah. I tried searching for hours one night, too and some of those results where what I got. I just hope this game I saw didn’t get cancelled.

Try Caffeine. Also, do you remember if it was a Kickstarter game? If so, it may be pretty easy to find

Or maybe Alien Isolation? That’s probably too obvious, though

Yeah… The game I saw looked way better than Caffeine. And it definitely wasn’t Alien Isolation. I swear the game’s name had like some kind of brackets around it. Like <> or []

Maybe but that’s not exactly very searchable. But what about my Kickstarter question?

Also, just sent you a friend request on Steam. Probably way easy to figure this out that way

Just gonna throw it out for shits and giggles but it wasn’t Star Citizen was it?

Actually now that I re-read that it probably isnt