Need confirmation regarding this older suggested feature


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since the thread was closed, you couldn’t vote anymore and there weren’t any replies if its a planned feature, is it hard to add a button to the game’s settings to toggle the game’s audio playing in the background when you’re tabbed out? i’d love to have this function in Tower Unite.


There’s apparently a setting somewhere that Unreal 4 exposes but we’d need to take a look at if it still functions and expose it to the client.

I personally would like the feature.


I know you asked for a toggle but in the meantime you can still allow background noise while the window is inactive (alt-tabbed) by doing the following:

navigate to
\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower\Config


then add these two lines

like so:

Restart your tower unite game and enjoy your alt tab experience without missing out anything on your multi monitors

Unfortunately, you have to redo this every time there is an update as the update seems to overwrites your old DefaultEngine.ini


thank you bunny